Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Manhole Covers

For your random entertainment, here's my little collection of unique and fascinating manhole covers we saw in Japan:

In Tokyo:

In Osaka:

In Himeji:

In Fukuoka:

In Dazaifu:

In Okayama:

In Hikone:

In Hakone:

In Odawara:

Now, let's compare those with the covers at home (San Mateo):
I'm disappointed.

What do your manhole covers look like?


  1. Bah. I'm a Libertarian so all I can think of is "dear lord, another thing for governments to waste money on... if people wanted pretty manhole covers artists would donate their skills or private people would donate money to make some cool ones."

    I really need to keep my political views in check sometimes.

  2. haha. yeah, i wonder how they are funded. i wouldn't be surprised if they held some kind of contest for it.

  3. Should've just linked me to this blog entry!! :-P They are very nice :)

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