Monday, September 6, 2010

The Craft Room: Beginnings

Sak moved into my closet. Which, per the pre-marriage agreement - means that I get full use of his old room.

While we were in Japan, my mom stole Sak's twin bed to put underneath Penga-Sis's bunk bed. Meaning Sak doesn't have to sleep on the cot when we visit my parent's anymore?

Anyway, all my toys, crafts and crap was tossed into new-crafty-room, giving me the following rat's nest to work with:
Well, nevermind the clothes. I felt like air drying them since we have "drying racks" available for the time being.

So that gives me a couple plastic drawers, wire rack cubbies, a bookshelf, a desk, and a closet full of winter jackets. Any ideas where to start? My crap consists of half anime paraphernalia, half crafting supplies. Overwhelming is an understatement. Please don't sign me up for that TLC show on hoarding.

How do you keep organized?


  1. I have heard over and over..just get rid of box at a time..but do I way. My room looks just about like yours. I say hid it in boxes covered in your favorite wrapping looks like Christmas or somebody shower.

  2. I have cubbies like those. I am hoping my cat would sleep in a bed I made in one of them, but he hasn't caught on yet.

  3. Honestly, Pete is the anti-pack rat. Seriously, he thinks that collectibles are for suckers. Although, at first, I was extremely upset by his impersonal and unsentimental views... I am now so happy that he has turned me into a not-so-pack-ratty fiend. I now get excited about giving things to friends (like 40 of our leftover champagne flutes) and donating to local places. Its like santa clause on christmas!

    Plus our house looks way nicer.

  4. @lucy and sarah - haha! christmas room! that would be exciting :)

    @ori - a cat bed sounds like a good idea. much cheaper than the carpet-covered pole stand things.

    @gator - sometimes i wish i had the anti-pack-rat gene. unfortunately, i come from a long line of hoarders. haha. one person's trash is definitely someone else's treasure, i guess!


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