Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hyper-con 2010

This Saturday Sak and I went over to the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco for the debut of a brand new convention, Hyper-con.boys and girls club
It was a good chance to check out the scene and support a local start-up convention.hyper-con 2010 anime convention
Being a small convenion, they had only one video room. I was a little disappointed at their 90's era offerings, though I admit that I'm not sure how convention licenses work. I'm sure royalties to play newer material are high - but could one not use fan-subs? Or are those somehow protected as well?

Anyway, I did appreciate the decision to play Shinesman. It's an old parody of Power Ranger-type shows - with the "rangers" having odd colors such as sepia, moss green and salmon pink. It's still hilarious after all these years, and very nostalgic for me personally.shinesman at hyper-con
The gym held swap meets and art shops,anime convention swap meetAnd another room had a Street Fighter tournament. We didn't stay for that though - since there was a bag check. I am paranoid when it comes to my Japan-exclusive Hetalia bag.hyper-con street fighter tournament
The con enjoyed a nice turn-out of people and cosplayers:hyper-con anime conventionhyper-con craig
Local-con-resident, Craig, was in attendance. That boosts the legit-factor by at least 10.

And there were musical performances by several groups, including Akai Sky which has played at Fanime before. Due to Sak's hungry stomach though, we only stayed for a rock band called Phoenix Ash.phoenix ash band They were good - but the acoustics of the parking lot were not the best, and it was hard to hear the singer over the over-powered instruments.

Overall, I feel like this convention has room to grow. I was a bit sad that they didn't have convention programs along with the $12 cost of attendance. Not so great for those of us that like memorabilia to remember the conventions we've visited. There wasn't much signage around the place for easy identification either. However, if they are still around in a couple years, we'd come back. I understand that it takes a while to really get one's feet off the ground.

Anyway, we left early due to Sak's empty stomach. One good part of the convention was that it was held in the Mission - well known for it's great food. We ate at Pancho Villas, splitting a super burrito and cup of Horchata.pancho villa's burrito mealpancho villa's san francisco burrito
Oh how I love you, burrito.

A Saturday afternoon full of anime and tasty Mexican food - that's good living.


  1. If I didn't see these on your blogs I would never know they existed. Conventions are to Penga what College Football is to Gator.


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