Friday, September 10, 2010

River Otter

Because it's Friday, and I didn't die trying to drive home from a Stockton meeting today - here is a video of a super-cute river otter with a skin disease:

Right around 0:25 is the cutest, zoomed-in part.

I would have set it to music if I wasn't so lazy. What song makes you itchy?

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  1. Aw, so very sad. He is so cute! I don't even know how to set video to music and I don't think I care. Haha. Hopefully you live with my music without sound!

    On another note, Pete, me and a friend were eating dinner last night as I got your comments to my phone. (Blogger emails me which goes to my blackberry.) I kept getting excited (as 1) I <3 you and 2) I heart comments) and Pete finally goes "Who the heck is this Penga girl and when do I get to meet her?!"

    Funny story. Come to Florida.


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