Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SLO is pretty slow.

Okay, so I won't claim my old college town to be the nexus of modern living, but I thought we were at least somewhat intelligent. I mean, we do rank #5 in terms of best college in the nation for undergrad engineering. You'd think we'd be all over this internet thing.

Well, San Luis Obispo, way to have our town openly mocked all over the internet. Or at least over at the SF Chronicle.

Oh man. If only getting real pedos to brand themselves with the scarlet pedobear of shame was that easy.

Anyway, if you're not familiar with pedobear (as the knee-jerk reactionists over at the San Luis PD obviously weren't), he was an innocent Japanese mascot that was contorted via 4chan into a "pedophile bear". People would make creepy/funny images with the popular bear image, and eventually it hit meme status.

It's a distasteful joke - I know. And definitely one that makes me groan rather than giggle. But it is a joke, and I highly doubt real offenders even know about the rather otaku-culture creation.
Pedobear in Japan.

Note to official people: please do your research before making up problems that really aren't there.

Note to creepy guys in pedobear costumes at conventions: Please. Please stop.

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