Friday, September 17, 2010

Vader on the Runway

You can't blame me for doing a double-take upon passing this billboard at some metro station in Japan:
darth vader fashion ad
Unfortunately, Vader's slick black look and formidable headwear won't be hitting the fashion scene anytime soon - the ad is from docomo, a major mobile phone company.

Though I'm not quite sure what they are advertising, I'm guessing cell phone covers. That, or if you join their phone plan - you'll be cool like a model or a dark sith lord? Or perhaps they are just prescribing to the well-known truth that anything with a Star Wars label increases sales.

The fangirl in me, however - would not mind taking fashion in a direction of another galaxy - far, far away. This guy is clearly on point, for example -
What do you think? Anyone up for making their own fashion-forward armor?

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  1. ummmmmmmmmmm I think it sells stuff.
    For gosh sake you took a photo and posted it on y our blog... others got to be doing things just as labor intensive over this little ad :)


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