Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Layouts

Help me. I have a boring blog layout. It's even more boring than the standard ones you can customize through Blogger!

But you see - I can't bring myself to just be normal. I want something spiffy! And then I get hung up on trivial matters and refuse to budge, bah!

I drew it out even, something like this:
Actually, that looks like a mess. And then I managed to spill water all over it. Those paper stretch marks are really not part of my plan. But you get my point. I want to write in a spiffy blog! And then just read it through Google Reader like everyone else does. Ha. *Sigh*

The only problem with solving my little not-really-problematic-problem is that I don't know how one would code an expanding speech bubble like that. Or overlapping headers for that matter And I'm too lazy to try and figure out the programming myself.

Programming is the one aspect of engineering I just never, ever got on board with. I got a C in my one and only Java programming class, and BSed my way through Digital design class. I did okay in machine language, but probably only because it was super duper basic. So basic, that it's actually called Basic.

Anyway, HTML is okay, and we generally get along fine. CSS is a little more hazy, but with a good tutorial I'll figure it out. XML...Well, I have never gone there. And apprently Blogger likes to use XML.

So if I won't make my spiffy blog by myself, and Sak has zero interest in programming webpages (he does the one for our church, so I guess that's enough for him), I have three options:

1) Status Quo - Forget a fancy-pants template and focus more on blog content! Content is key!

2) Harass Friend E to do it for me. He's a programmer by trade, and he owes me a birthday present.

3) Pay someone else to do it. Which would be good and all, except the $100+ prices most designers have scares me a bit.

What should I do? Maybe I can just find a coder, not a designer. I'll just dump a bunch of graphics to the coder, and they put it together like my idea picture above? Would that be cheaper? Or maybe I should just stop being lazy and learn how to do it myself?


  1. I pick number 2!! :] Wouldn't hurt to ask right? If that doesn't work... Then I'd say put your artwork (more of it, I mean) in your header with more color and stuff. And then maybe draw your side bar stuff and insert as a picture? Not as cool but... still better than whiteness? haha.

    ALSO... what is this SHOP of yours?! What do you SELL?

  2. OH! I think you are right. Maybe it's the absence of color! What kind of colors..I always end up going overboard whenever I stray from black, red and white. :{ Maybe I need a color coordinator!

    And lol. I don't have a shop yet! But I think maybe someday I will. If I can figure out etsy. Sak says I have to recoup the button maker's cost. lol. :P Maybe I'll sell buttons. Or something.

  3. Oh. You should sell buttons. I think that's a great idea. Like maybe do... your drawings INTO the buttons? Like custom listings within reason? Then you can charge more for the artwork + the button. HAHA. But you'll cut a deal for me, right? :-P

  4. This is awesome. I just will never have enough time, energy or money to make it happen.

    I vote that Penga learns to DIY it. Then I send you tons of cookies and coupons for free things and you make mine? Is there anything else I can bribe you with? I am open and willing!

    Honestly, I love your blog the way it is but I think your idea is super cute. So go for it.

  5. Whichever way you go, it will be super cute - I love the layout!

  6. The blog looks like the new Facebook layout. You got to be more unique. Don't add too much boxes because it will just confuse your readers.