Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lego Letterpress

Just peeping in for a moment to say - "IT IS OVER!"

All wedding planning has officially ended, as of last night! Yippee! Back to raising Nobunaga's stats in Samurai Warriors 2!

Just kidding. I've got that craft room of chaos to deal with still. And a sorely neglected blog!

So as I remember what real life is like, I'll leave with something that struck my eye the other day.  I guess it's a reminder that though the wedding may be over, certain things about planning may just alter your interests for life.

Letterpress made from Legos!

Someday I'll have to jump on this letterpress band-wagon. Textured paper is just too cool for school.


  1. I have no idea what this means. Other than I am still SO VERY GLAD that I didn't get caught up in crafting while planning my wedding. All things crafty almost fit into a cute little tupperware box stored in our guest room closet.

    I'm sure Pete prefers life that way :)

    I'm also so excited that you had your SECOND reception so you'll be blogging up a storm! I've missed your posts lately.

  2. Oh what the crap that's SO COOL!!! Can I play too?!

    Yes, you terrible blogger you, time for more Penga posts!! :] Can't wait to hear about your second reception! (And the first too... haha)


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