Monday, October 25, 2010

Maido Cosplay!

Sadly, I have neither time nor energy for Halloween costuming this year. But that's okay. That's what conventions are for!

One of the main "staples" of cosplay wear these days would have to be the maid outfit. It's definitely no show-stopper (unless you have a super hot-bod I guess), since everyone wears one, but it's a nice alternative to being a boring plain-clothed fellow.

But I do not have a maid costume to call my own, since I've been dressing in full face & body covering suits for the past several years. I figure I should cash in on the fact that I still have post-wedding-self-esteem and wear something that doesn't hide my entire being for once! What do you think?

The standard black and white frills is the most common type of maid. Very classic.

There's the colorful maid which is pretty adorable and cheerful:

The kimono-maid fusion (this one is Sak's favorite):

I like the look with lots of fluffy tulle underneath:

But really, it's the fabric that makes the dress. Like this FANTASTIC skirt:

Anyway, I'm not sure what type of maid I want to be, but for starters I was thinking of using my current favorite, Hetalia.
But maybe not chibi-Hetalia's outfit. More like a generic maid with flag fabric for trim! How cool would that be?

It's really hard to find international flag fabric though. I found the following online, but it's $9.50 a yard! Kind of pricey. Anyone know where I can find some flags?

In any case, I think highly-decked-out-in-theme is the maid for me. I can't really pull of sexy or adorable, so weird it is!

What type of maid would best fit your personality, you think?


  1. So are there pictures of you in them full face & body covering suits? :]

    The colorful maids are kind of cute.

    Is this like.... cosplay kinky wear? :-P

  2. haha, surprisingly, not meant to be racy! if you think these are bad though you should type in maid costume into google! THOSE are the definition of kinky.

  3. I like these cute outfits. Plus you look so awesome thanks to all of your working out/healthy eating! I'd say go for something playful and fun :)

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