Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rocket Ship

While walking around the San Francisco piers at lunchtime to de-cubicle-fy, I did a total double-take while passing the South end of the Ferry Building.
A rocket ship!

And not just any rocket ship - it's the same one that was so popular this year at the Maker Faire.

I guess it's a rotating sculpture spot, since not too long ago there was a giant spider sitting in the same place.

*Shudder* I like the rocket ship much better, thank you.

I wish it worked for real - because it's a pretty cool looking ship.

If you had a rocket ship where would you like to go? I think I'd like to see a nebula in real life. They are always so cool looking in those Hubble photos.


  1. Wow what a beautiful part o san fran - never been there but it looks fun. Oh how I love palm trees :)

  2. WHOA! I haven't seen this rocket ship before! But yah.... like 100000000000000 times better than the other thing before.... {shudder}


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