Monday, October 11, 2010

Tagged - I'm It!

Well. I usually run and hide from internet quizzes, so this will be a rarity.

But since Gator called me out personally this time, I feel like I have no choice but to comply. Haha!

She's asked 8 questions, some of which were ridiculously hard to answer. But here goes anyway!

1. If you had a one way ticket around the world, what would be your first stop?
I feel like the cop-out answer here would be Japan. But only because it's the only other country I've had the pleasure of visiting, and because I missed Nobunaga's seppuku spot at Honnoji Temple the first time around. Failure!

2. If money didn't matter, what would be your dream job?
I could probably go on all day with this, so I'll say "jack of all trades". Comic shop owner, manga artist, professional convention reviewer, video game tester, knick-knack prototype developer...Nah, who am I kidding - if I added the word "job" to any of my interests it would probably never be the same.

3. If you never met your current SO - do you think you'd still be single?
Statistically speaking, probably not. The men to women ratio in the engineering field is just highly in my favor. In fact, they have a saying when it comes to us engineer women finding mates - "the odds are good, but the goods are odd".

That said - I'm glad I didn't have to settle for any of the other "odd goods". Sak is the perfect amount of odd for me. <3

4. What is your favorite sports team? Why do you love them?



I don't watch anything other than the Olympics. Due to bad personal hand-eye coordination and early horror stories of team sports in P.E., I've just never been into it. And I hate the Giants because they mess up my commute - especially now that they are in the play-offs.

So I'll have to go with the Mighty Ducks, because I loved those movies as a kid. Plus that's where I was first introduced to Queen's music. Queen love.

5. Name 5 things on your bucket list.
Finish a full-fledged 100+ page manga. Own a home (and in the Bay Area, this might actually be a challenge of meeting before death!). Learn to scuba dive. Visit China with my mom (she's the only one of her siblings who hasn't been to the "motherland"). Visit Europe with my dad (he spent his childhood in Germany as a military kid and hasn't been able to go back since.)

And honorable mention goes to inventing a fat-zapping capacitor gun. And then have the Sham-wow guy sell it for me on TV.

6. Where is you dream home location?
Where we live now - only up the hill and not in the ghetto. I'm either a homebody or I just really love the Bay Area. It's definitely quirky enough for me.

7. What was your very first screen name?
pengawenga. I guess I haven't changed much over the years. We got our first computer when I was in middle school - 1997. I used to wait weeks for one episode of anime to download. I miss the newness of it all, but things have definitely improved in the speed category.

8. Why are we blog friends?
I have no idea. I seem to have pretty much nothing in common with my dear Gator - yet I really enjoy reading about her life. Maybe because it is completely different from mine, and therefore really interesting. Haha. She's good at both writing "meat" and posting pretty pictures. And she's super nice with a slight bite of "keeping it real". I imagine she's just as friendly - if not more, in person. Plus she has the cutest doggu ever, Tebow.

Now - I refuse to pass said quizzie on since I don't generally like them.

And if you must know why I don't like them - imagine your mother and her friends and relatives were all filling out TMI self-questionnaires and then adding your name to all the forward lists. *shudder* Trauma-switch on!

How do you feel about internet questionnaires?

And really Gator - thank you for thinking of me, regardless of my pansy whiny act. :)

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  1. Haha - I tagged you because I love you. I used to HATE these but then I loved reading everyone's answers so much! I literally laughed out loud MULTIPLE times here. I forgot about you and *sports* so that one made me giggle a lot. Maybe one day I will make it out to San Fran for a conference and you can make it down to Florida for a convention. Then we can meet each other (I can meet Sak, you can meet Tebow) and we can hang out and learn about these crazy other worlds.

    And yes, that is exactly why I love reading your blog SO VERY MUCH. It is like learning about a totally different world and yet you are the nicest person in the whole wide world.

    Thank you for doing this for me.
    You're my fav.


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