Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Card Concepts

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming!

Time for some inspiration, because I'm on point for Christmas cards this year and I have no idea what to do!
(source) Fractal snowflake.

(source) Bears are always popular.
(source) He looks happy!

(source) A little Portal by the fire.
(source) For all you HTMLers.

(source) I love this one. But the anal in me thinks they should have been snowtrooper helmets!
(source) More Hetalia love!
One good way to use up seemingly useless star paper! But I think it would get smooshed in the mail.

Ohhh, so many options! This is barely scratching the surface.

I asked Sak what kind of card we should have, and he said he didn't care - as long as it wasn't a physical photo of the two of us.  So I'm thinking either doodling something, or taking a weird photo with our action figures. Or maybe a card that turns into something useful? Origami?

Bah. No idea! But I better figure it out soon if I want to order any this year!

If you're doing them, what will your holiday cards look like?


  1. Smooooshed. :-P

    Yeah!!! DOODLE!! The gingerbread man was scary. Love the stormtroopsnowmen. :]

    I think something nerdy or your drawings or both would be fantastic!! A card that turns into something for the holiday is most likely a 2011 calendar of sorts. :-P A Penga drawing calendar!!

    The stars one is good for in person cards. I may steal for small group purposes. Or office purposes. Oh. Maybe.

    Btw... love the new background. Are they your doodles?

  2. I *love* the trooper cool. But you're totally right, it should be snowtrooper helmets for correctness.

  3. @alvina - nope, bg is a blogger pre-load!

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