Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Force of Pancakes

Ever since Japan and that delicious Twinkie-ized pancake of fat and sugar, I've had cravings for pancakes. Nearly every single day. It's just not right, folks.
Pancakieeeee! I miss you.

And if it wasn't for my laziness when it comes to cooking, and the fact that frozen pancakes are usually soggy and not so tasty, I'd probably be up 20 pounds instead of the five I've gained post-Japan.

And then look!

I don't know what's more random - the fact that there is Vader shaped molds, or the fact that it's Williams-Sonoma selling them. They both blow my mind.

Anyway, there's no way Sak would let me get them. I'm a kitchen gadget collector who doesn't cook.

I bought frozen mini pancakes a while back thinking it was pancake minus all the calories since I would obviously only take a few to work at a time to prevent overeating. But mini pancakes just aren't the same, there's not enough pancake flavor/fluffiness/magic in the little things! So I fed them all to Sak's brother when he was here. He didn't mind.

I think I just have to go with making them myself. And when I say by myself I mean from a pancake mix box.  Do you think I could cook pancake mix in my taiyaki mold? Sak's a little peeved at me for buying it in L.A., making him check his luggage just because of my giant pan, and then not using it once. Ehh..
(source) Same pan that I have!
I think it'll work. Then I can fill it with maple syrup and butter! Or nutella! Or bananas and melty choco! Mmmm.

Custard flavor!

How do you like your pancakes?


  1. How did you get custard into them?? Did you make your own custard? Those look so delicious!

  2. That's pretty funny that WS makes the Star Wars pancake molds! Ummm.... they are VERY cute but they will probably go into a drawer easier than your fish mold thingie. :-P The fishy would make GREAT pancake-with-filling thing. Red bean is... traditional? How would you "fill" it? Would you wait until the batter is almost done and then you stuff it?

  3. @diana - that taiyaki was from Japan! It was delicious!

    @alvina - i'm not sure how the filling goes in. I've seen them make taiyaki with red bean in sf, but they just through the red bean on top of the uncooked batter, put more batter on top and cook. i don't think it would work the same with a runnier substance like custard or syrup. i guess it could always go on the outside..but what fun is that? XD

  4. Those would seriously be fun. I'd spoil my kids and make them those (if I had kids that is). I'm too lazy for kids though. I like my pancakes with powdered sugar and butter. No syrup please.

  5. I know I'm a tad behind commenting on this post (I literally found your blog tonight after following you forever on the Bee!) but I just had to say something after seeing those Star Wars pancake molds! They remind me of a Christmas gift we received from my husband's longtime best friend -- a WS Star Wars cupcake decorating kit :)

    I pretty much love that they have fun products like this...and now I want those pancake molds haha.

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