Monday, November 15, 2010

Greetings, not Gratings!

It's funny, I think the biggest change I've seen in myself over the last year is the ability to "bite the bullet and decide". I used to be notorious for never finishing anything I started, simple because I was never satisfied and could always think of ways for the item (whatever it was) to be improved.

Thanks to too-much-responsibility-at-work and wedding-planning, old Penga is no longer! Now I finish said item, and if it's not the best - well, at least it's something rather than nothing. I'll consider it a character improvement to not be as wishy-washy.

That said, here is the design for my slightly random Christmas postcards. (Postcards, because I am cheap.)
Get it? Get it?

It's uh, a holiday food pyramid/Christmas tree. My favorite is the yams since it's kinda creepy looking and has something of a poop shape. Plus I love yams. Candied yams. Mmmm.

I tried to think of classic holiday type foods, but I'm sure I've forgotten some. Did I encompass your favorite? And the green and yellow rectangles are green bean and corn casseroles. I just had to point that out because it's hard to draw a casserole and I think they look kinda whack.

On the back it says "Season's Gr-eat-ings", which Sak says no one will understand because they will pronounce it like "gratings" instead of "greetings". Whatever!
Anyway, I ordered them nearly free from Vistaprint. I just paid the ~3ish dollars for uploading my own design, and the cost of shipping. A total of ~10 dollars for 100 postcards. Yay!

I frakked up though, and made the image too small, so the actual size on the postcard probably won't be very impressive. Ah well. I just hope they don't come out too pixelly. The preview screen in Vistaprint always bugs me because it makes the image look more pixelated than it actually is. And considering I uploaded a full-fledged photoshop file and not some compressed Jpeg means any lacking quality is not my fault. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, anyone want a postcard? (If I already have your address you can just assume you'll be getting one. Unless you don't want my cheap postcard. We have an opt out program, no worries.)


  1. Okay so many thoughts.
    1) Thank you for including cranberry sauce. It is my favorite food.

    2) This is awesome. Amazing. Love it. Loves.

    3) You know my address so please send. I will search for yours in my inbox. Expect an email if I don't find it.

    4) Teach Sak how to speak English. Gr-EAT-ings.

    5) I know it is probably hot chocolate, but I would like to pretend that it is mulled wine in homage to me. I'm selfish like that.

    Okay love it! Excited to get it in the mail :)

  2. haha. @ #5, it's supposed to be hot choco, but then I don't think anyone actually puts a cinnamon stick in hot choco, so I don't know what it is. apple cider? mulled wine? whatever you want it to be!

  3. Thank you for not making cranberry sauce in the shape of a tin can *shutters* I am making fresh cranberry sauce for my in-laws this year (at their house) because hubs just informed me that they bring out the canned stuff and serve it in its can-shape. The horror :)


  4. Omgosh.... LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's like... the cutest thing ever. I love the star... in its slight Mario-esque.

    And... I LOVE that you said the yams were somewhat poo shaped because....... that was what I was thinking. HAHA.

    Ooo Ooo Ooo can you send meeeee one?

  5. @amy - they don't even mash out the can shape? lol..that's kinda funnny. :)

    p.s. lemme know when/if you have a post wedding blog so I can follow you! not that you don't have enough to do right now though..hahaha!

    @alvina - yes! email me where you want me to send?

  6. Very very cute postcard! We did postcards too (using wedding pictures...) And you're not cheap, you just wish to save some trees. Plus someone is more likely to keep a postcard rather than a card. ;)


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