Monday, November 8, 2010

Star Wars Pop-Up Cards

Last time we spoke a little about Christmas cards, and I'm still no where near close to an idea yet. Boo.

It also doesn't help when there's amazing, AMAZING cards like this out there:

Star Wars pop-ups! And you can get free templates from here. All ready to color and everything!
Boba Fett!
A Jawa. Sak was one for Halloween as a kid once.
What? Star Wars not your thing? (Of course it is, denier.) Well the master-pop-up-creator also has other types of cards, like this lovely lotus flower:

Or a crazy shark:

And many others!

Though I will definitely be making some of Robert Sabuda's awesome cards, I think they are bit too intensive for mass-produced Christmas cards. So the hunt continues!

Did you like pop-up books as a kid? I used to ruin mine by playing with the paper pieces too much. :P


  1. hahahah. I didn't see who posted this so I clicked on it so I could share it with you!!

    These are cute, I love them. Unfortunately, I'm not good at the details...

  2. Tim loves pop ups as a kid!! And he made me one, (well, interactive not quite pop up) for Valentine's day one year! haha.

    LOOOOVE. Esp the darth one and I'm not a huge Star Wars fan. :-P {gasp} Must. Browse. Site.


  4. ha! I use to rip mine all the time too!

  5. coolio lol its great

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