Monday, November 1, 2010

Then and Now

(A little teaser on an upcoming 'Bee series. Which I decided wasn't horribly wedding related so all-cool to post here.)

Alright, I have a not-so-secret-secret. I haven't changed much in the last decade or so. 

See what I mean?
Maybe I was a little less jaded-by-the-world, a little more emotionally distraught (hormones!), and a lot more egotistical (valedictorian is a title much too easy to get in high school, especially since college is waiting on the other side to slap you right upside your puffed-up head).  But essentially, I'm the same type of person I was back then.

In fact, the Penga in high school looked a little like this:
Band nerd
Flute, right in the middle!

Physics Club nerd

Advanced Placement Club nerd

Swim team sprinter, where I got some big muscly arms that later turned into fat. *sigh*

And my favorite high-school claim-to-fame: founding member of the Otaku Club.
Oh yes, we were mature.
We had quite the times in that club.

I attended my first convention in my sophomore year, Ani-Magic in Lancaster. Fanime would follow a few months later. My first cosplays included Trowa from Gundam Wing,

Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII,

and Ukyo from Ranma 1/2.

I was still my same doodley self, having drawn the member T-shirts for our club. I remember how exciting it was to get them professionally printed.

I still have the sketch and shirt too!
High school was also when I first learned the art of super-imposed, Photoshopped pictures.
(I still hadn't heard of jpeg artifacts, though.) Oh Vic Chou! I love you.
And my sister was just a wee little thing back then.
We rollin' in the dough!
I used to practice my flute for her when she was a baby. In my obscene, Episode I-decked room.
Is that JAR JAR?! *Hides in shame*
I was (and still am) really, really obsessed with Star Wars though.
Watched Episode I a whopping 11 times. Overnight line and all.
Now since Sak was still an unknown in Japan/Hawaii during this time period, I went through a few non-Saks along the way. My first boyfriend was the most popular boy in the band, and I went into shock that the cute trumpet player picked me, the nerdy flute, as a girlfriend. Such a shock, actually, that I never really talked or hung out with him. I was too afraid of messing up. Our conversation consisted of letters and online chatting, and eventually he dumped me, because who wants to date a pansy virtual chicken?

My second boyfriend, the smartest guy in my physics class, and a year my senior - was a bit more normal, relationship wise.  It was then I realized I could only safely relate with other nerds.  Like many a high school relationship, he dumped me before I left for college, making a clean break for the both of us. He went off to the Philippines to become a minister. And of course, I went to college free of attachment and found Sak! So although I was raging mad at the time, the ending was definitely good for both of us.

One last high school memory I'll never forget though - my little cousin once predicted who all his older female cousins would marry. His prediction for me? A nerdy, otaku boy with glasses and blue hair.

Well, I say 3 out of 4 isn't bad at all.

Are you the exact same person you were in high school? Did your friends or family (or yourself!) predict who you would marry one day?


  1. Thank you for making my morning. You are awesome. I was really nerdy in high school but in a very DIFFERENT way. I actually was a math nerd and in the outdoor club but I wouldn't be in the school photos and refused to acknowledge it in public!! I tried to hide it by being a triple athlete but I was still a nerd at heart.

  2. It's not too late for blue hair for Sad... :-P

    WOW! AP Club? Seriously? Like... as if it wasn't bad enough you probably took ALL of them and got a 4.9 GPA, you guys had to meet and TALK about how smart you guys were? :-P

    The sketch-t-shirt is awesome!!! I still very priviledged we got a Penga wedding drawing!!! :-D

    And your sister WAS a wee thing!! And that's a large jar jar poster Penga... o_O Ep 1 ELEVEN TIMES?!?!? That is tied... (at least not worse?) with the girl I knew who watched Titantic like... 11 times. :-P

  3. Oh and saw this on Amazon - totally thought of you:

  4. @gator - be proud of your nerdism! esp. for being able to balance it with sports! that's tough for us nerds. :)

    and those are super cute erasers, btw. miniiiiI!!!

    @alvina - somehow i don't think his employers would like him with blue hair. haha. AND yes. AP club is VERY over the top. lol. but really the goal of the club was just to raise money to afford the tests.

  5. you make me smile! we'll forgive you for jar-jar :)


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