Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cosplay With My Heart

Alright, so this is ALL OVER the internet right now, but I just have to jump on board and further the sharing, because this video is epic!

(But I do have to point out that Rei's hair is not the perfect blue shade, pfft. Her hair is light blue!)


  1. 1) What is Cosplay?
    2) I understood the Star Wars outfit - but what are the rest?
    3) "okay you've crossed the line... you've taken it too far" - favorite line, too funny.

    Thanks for sharing although I really don't know who Bruno Mars is (except they sang some songs on Glee by him/them?) and Cosplay confuses me.

  2. gator - cosplay is costume + roleplay! im not sure what all the outfits are..but there's two star wars costumes, one anime costume (evangelion) and i (think) the other two are from videogames? or xena, haha.
    and yeah, bruno mars is a newish pop singer!


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