Friday, December 10, 2010

Wanted: Unique Cookies

Three years ago, when we had first moved in together and I was feeling a bit "domestic", I went crazy and made tons of different Christmas cookies for Sak's work and my work. I did the same the following year, but not last year - as I was busy working on chair cover bags instead. And Sak's co-workers COMPLAINED!

I was touched that a bunch of engineer guys would remember cookies from a prior year, so I want to do it again this year.

I have only one, "go-to" cookie recipe, which are Spritz - basically sugar cookies, but I make it with powdered sugar rather than granulated sugar.
I really love those because they aren't too sweet, and allows me to use my cute sakura cookie cutter. (Which, sadly, is the only cookie cutter I own.)

Other than that I just pick and choose from different recipe websites, and hope for the best. In the past, I think I've done Italian Christmas cookies (round chocolate balls PACKED with spices)...
...Snickerdoodles (crowd favorite), white chocolate cranberry, peanut butter with the choco kiss on top, oatmeal raisin, ginger snap, and the standard chocolate chip.

Ginger snaps, by the way, are always the last to be eaten. For whatever reason?

Anyway, I want to mix it up again this year. Sak is on duty to recipe hunt tonight, but he tends to only pick cookies with chocolate in them. Bias!

How about a maple bacon cookie?
Something pumpkin based?
Red velvet?

One lady at church made chocolate cookies, then melted Andes chocolate mints to use as frosting. It was delicious!
I know all of you are awesome cooks - so if you could - please share your culinary creativity with this girl who only breaks out her Kitchenaid once a year! Any ideas? The weirder the better, but it should probably still taste good, I think!


  1. You have a Kitchenaid that only makes an appearance once a year? Does it need a new home? :-P

    maple bacon cookie?! WINNER!!!

    And those andes mints ones sound AWESOME. My huzzabund loves andes mints. And they make andes toffee chocolates and in peppermint flavors now you know? oh the options.

    I make a... brownie cookie. Like... brownie mix plus more flour basically. I can send that over if you're interested. :]

  2. my favorite one to make is black & white cookies - reminds me of NYC delis!

  3. I'm a chef not a baker :( Break & Bake are my fav cookies.

    Sorry lady.

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