Monday, January 10, 2011

Vampire Amigurumi

As Napoleon Dynamite made clear, skills are an attractive quality in a person, and very important to have. So for Christmas I bought my sister some hooks, yarn and crochet books in order to add the skill to her repertoire.

I even did good and bought her books that would fit her personal tastes: cute and creepy.

But alas, little sister had no patience for big sister, and gave up shortly. It also didn't help that left-handed me had a hard time teaching right-handed her. Ah well, my grandmother said she'd have better luck teaching her than I would, so Penga-sis will just have to take the book over there to learn.

But as I had plenty of time to kill during the holidays, I picked up the book myself. I've crocheted scarves and cat-eared hats and stuffed animal capes in the past, but I had never tried amigurumi. The little stuffed dolls are terribly cute!
I went with the Nosferatu doll pattern, because a) I loved the movie and b) it was one of the easier patterns.

Not having used a hook in a while, he came out a little lumpy, but still really cute. The eyes are made of glossy black cardboard from some box I found in the recycle bin, because I was too lazy to use clay as was recommended.

Penga-Sis likes him too. Looks like I gave the girl a fish instead of teaching her to fish. Sigh.
Can you crochet, and if so, what do you make?


  1. I crochet but I prefer knitting. Blankets, scarves, anything that doesn't need a pattern and is easy to make.

    I can't follow directions.

  2. that book looks so fun!!! too bad i have no time to crochet lately, since i'm working on my masters thesis... i started a scarf months ago and it's about 6 inches long... i promised it to my friend last year! oops!
    (i can also make hats, maybe you remember. and blankets. but that's about it so far, though i can follow patterns if i want to)

  3. Always a knitter, never a crocheter...My great-grandma, grandma, and sister all tried to teach me crocheting, and nothing came out of it but patheticness. Give me two needles, however, and I just zip along! I love your amigurumi, he's super cute!

    (Should you ever want to suck yourself further into the needlecraft vortex, visit Oh, hobbies, why do you take up do much time?)

  4. I don't know how to creat things from yarn/thread/string/things. BUT. I've been wanting to learn. Esp when big retailers can charge $30 for a silly homemade looking hat...

    LOVE the blog background and header. How do you make it FLOAT over the background?! Soo-pa cool.

  5. @ashwini & gator - I prefer the look of knitted things, but figured one hook would be easier to learn than two needles. Maybe not? And thanks for the link, Ash - I'll have to check that out!

    @Melissa - Yes! It was you and Joanne that really got me into the whole yarn thing! :) You should definitely check out amigurumi..they are soo small, it doesn't take long to finish at all!

    @Alvina - you SHOULD learn! and then you can blog about cute hats :) I promise it's fun..go find some youtube video tutorials, I find those easier to follow than book instructions.

    and for the floaty I went to the design editor in blogger and clicked for the bg to stay in place on the background tab. no fancy tricks here, lol. >.>"

  6. Love the vampire!!! I actually crocheted the monkey from that book. What a great book! I loved all the patterns, but I really did not like how she had you doing the rounds, so I modified it.

    I love crocheting, especially in winter. I have way too many projects in my crochet basket right now. Can't wait to see what else you are working on!

  7. Awww, he is super cute! I was actually looking at a crochet type thing on Etsy for Mrs. Mouse's ornament. Not making though. Buying. You have more talent in your little pinky than I do in my whole body!

  8. Super cute! So glad to have found your personal blog... Always a fan of your hobbies and writing! (can't believe we haven't met since we are both in the bay. 2011 is the year??) :)

  9. I am totally geeking out over that little crocheted monkey. I would love him forever, but alas, I cannot crochet to save my soul. You'll notice I only play with paper (and I promise there are good reasons for that). So I'm totally jealous of your mad skillz and Kristin's monkey!

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