Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DIY Makeup Bag

Actually, I don't wear makeup on a daily basis. If it's hard enough for me to find the energy to brush my hair in the morning, why would I bother with makeup?

However, I do keep some cheap stuff on my person, in case I should have a business meeting or a date with my husband.

My method of storage is not so pretty.

Tired of toting around my crumply plastic bag, I whipped out some fabric, ribbon and elastic for an impromptu session with my sewing machine.
Isn't it a cute print? A $3 piece from my favorite store, Daiso, and I only used maybe a fourth of it for this project.

I should add a disclaimer here - it's not wise to do piece-meal construction without thinking everything through on paper first. Sloppiness abounds, to say the least - but in this case it's okay since it's one of those just-for-me projects.

I cut out two 9" x 15" rectangles (and yes, that's a totally arbitrary dimension). Iron out the wrinkles, and also cut out two 8.5" x 9" pieces for pockets.

I notched some 1" flaps from the pocket pieces.

Sew up your raw edges, then tack the pockets one at a time to the face-side of one rectangle. Sew the bottom and top lines, leaving a 1" closing flap, and the remaining 4" of pocket.

Now the tricky part, accordion-fold the side-flasp, using an iron to press the seams down. Sew the side-flaps down.

Repeat with the second pocket.

Next, I added a bit of elastic to the left side, to hold my brushes and pencils. There's probably a cleaner way to do it, but I just sewed lines straight down to divide the sections.

I did have to redo the lines a couple times to find the right size for each brush!
Finally, I added a big pocket to the right side, a simple one without an expanding pocket.

I tacked down a handle string to the top, and some ribbon for closing to the side.

Place the second rectangle on top, face-side down.

Sew around, leaving a small gap to turn the piece inside-out.
There we go!

Does everything fit?
I think so! Roll it up for easy transport!

Much cuter than the plastic bag, eh? Though in hindsight a sturdier fabric would have worked better. My thin stuff is a bit flimsy. And I probably shouldn't have been lazy by leaving the manufacturer's surge-ends showing. Ah well.

But wait! Did you notice? I don't have closures on my pockets. Fail!

I was going to use buttons, but my sewing machine is being a bum and not helping me make buttonholes. The easy solution would be to use velcro, but I hate how noisy it is. Any solutions? Snaps maybe? Zippers seem too cumbersome.

Do you have a makeup bag? Maybe one of those cute freebie ones that come with makeup purchases? I always see those ads and want the bag, but I'm never interested in buying the makeup.


  1. Ha. Ha. Ha. If I tired to sew that, it would be a mess! But I might use the tutorial to make something else. Just because I like tutorials and I don't mind failing.

    Also - Super cute fabric!

    (And yes, I use the freebie ones. I've had my MAC one for 5 years now and its still going strong! I don't even wear MAC make up anymore!)

  2. You are so genius! I love how there are compartments for everything and it can all neatly be rolled up. Clever lady! For some reason in Japan people really like giving you little bags as presents so I have a bunch of make up bags! I want one with compartments like yours though!

  3. this is so cute and amazing! i admit that most, if not all of this, was completely incomprehensible to me--i'm truly impressed!

  4. WoW! It started out looking so simple and then you added pockets and all this fancy stuff. :-P I actually buy the small "lunch bags" from Daiso to use as make up/toiletries bag! The little pouches with a drawstring. Not as neat with like... brush holders and such but... I don't use brushes! :-P Are you sure Daiso just doesn't sell one... that you don't have to make? :-P

    When I come back to the Bay in March, I must ransack (minus the stealing part) Daiso. :-P

  5. @alvina - i think you can buy online now too! http://www.daisojapan.com/

  6. I love it! The print, the how-to, the outcome -- all of it! Perhaps just some ties for the pockets, or something like that? I, too, hate velcro. I don't wear makeup or even carry any with me, but I loooove bags with compartments and pockets and things! I really need to learn how to sew with a sewing machine.

    I wish we had Daiso in Arizona. =( I have so much fun exploring them when I go back to CA to visit my family!

  7. For an impromptu bag, that's amazing! I'm so impressed. Can you make me one too? ;)

  8. Oh wow, you're super organised and crafty to boot!


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