Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gator-Get-Fresh Challenge: Pico de Gallo

This past weekend I was chatting with Gator (a.k.a. Hannah) via GChat, and she got on my case about not cooking or eating fresh foods. Yes, I admit we eat out a lot, and Sak has (on more than one occasion) complained of a scurvy onset.  So I took up the Gator-Get-Fresh challenge, with her recipe for pico de gallo

Below is the account of Tamama-Penga and Hello Gator:

Overall, it was very tasty, but pretty spicy for our weak-sauce tastebuds. Maybe next time I will cook the onions and use less hot pepper! Thanks Gator for the recipe and for challenging me to stop being lazy. And with a couple days of leftovers, Sak has no excuses for not eating his veggies!

Got a healthy (and easy!) recipe for Tamama-Penga to tackle? Link me to your blog, or send me an email!


  1. You just made my night. I'm not sure how to say that any better. First off - you actually listened to my late night blabbering. THEN - you actually took the steps to follow my made up recipe. You got even better when you TOOK AWESOME PHOTOS. Adding captions? Only you could be so funny!!!

    I guess I shouldn't tell you that we use Jalapeno (or hotter) and I douse everything with chili powder. Right? A great Polbano substitute is a Cubanello (light green, little-no spice).

    Also, who doesn't buy ground cumin? REALLY?

    Isn't it kind of awesome that there is no fat or salt in that entire meal?! (Except for the good 'Cado kind or a bit of oil for the fish?) And - its so fresh and easy to put on so many other things! Pizza, sammies, salads, with chips as a snack!

    Bah. Thanks for making my night.

  2. OMG, such a cute post! Dave and I both enjoyed your photo comic! Your Pico de Gallo looks yummy. And very healthy and fresh! I want to see more of your cooking adventures :)

  3. Nom nom nom. (I'm a sour cream junkie. In my house, it would've been covered in the stuff...) I will contemplate some of my recipes and get back to you. Last night I boiled a chicken and then had to remove all the meat from the carcass for tonight's chicken and dumplings. Not really easy, quick, or healthy (but tasty!). I'll come back to it.

  4. @ashwini - ha! i love sour cream too..but somehow i think it would have negated some of the healthiness..i'd love to try one of your recipes - albeit an easy beginner one, please!

  5. This is absolutely BEYOND CUTE!!

  6. This is my favorite food post ever. Thanks for the laugh, Penga :)

  7. "it's expired too" haha i love that. oh penga, we love you!

  8. Wouldn't Tamama prefer to eat candy?

  9. OMG this is adorable!!! I love the expired juice. J tried to do that all the time.


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