Monday, January 17, 2011

Gaia (again...)

In 2004 I joined an online forum called Gaia, because of the cute graphics and customizable avatars. I stopped playing after a year or so, but then started up again a year or so later. Like many things, I get really vested in the interest until I burn out, but I will typically return later.

The second time around, I met one of the coolest people ever. She was like my twin, really. One of the less-than-ten girls in my graduating engineering class, a power major as well. And what is the coincidence that she also liked anime? And also had an electrical engineering boyfriend? And also drew as a hobby? And ALSO played Gaia! Well, I shouldn't really say twin. She is most definitely cooler than me. Together, we dominated the boards and made a successful gaming business of selling art and winning art competitions.

But I burnt out again after a while, and quit. For three years.

Then my little sister showed me everything that had changed, since she now plays herself. And this Christmas I broke down and logged onto my decade-old account. Hooked again. I even messaged my friend.
I don't know whether this behavior is pathetic or just sweetly devoted. I prefer not to think about it.

What drew me back was that Gaia has an MMORPG now. Which gives it more interest than just talking in forums to people who are probably still in high school. Not that there's anything wrong with talking to high schoolers. Sak plays too, because who can't pass up a good RPG? It's simple, but has some strong points (like all your gold going straight to your forum account). Fight monsters (gnomes?), earn items and gold, level your skills and do quests and party quest bosses.
It's hard to get a screenshot without getting beat up in the process.
Here's the gist of Gaia:

You have an avatar. You can customize yourself by buying clothes, items, etc. with gold.

You earn gold by talking in the forum, doing polls, playing minigames (blackjack, puzzles, fishing, etc.), and playing the MMORPG called "ZOMG". That's basically it. But it's so addicting, trying to earn the avatar items!

And if I'm going to play mindless games like puzzles, I might as well "earn" something for it, right? Minesweeper does not give me anything. (Not that I won't sit there and play THAT for hours..)
Have I mentioned I love puzzles? 'Cause I do.
But not to discredit the site, I think the real intention is to make friends. I prefer not to talk to people usually, especially since yesterday some dumb noob in starter clothes said my avatar was dressed ugly. PSHHH. I am cute!

So instead of making new tweeny friends, I'll petition for you lovely folks to check Gaia out! Not that you don't have more useful and productive things to do, but if you ever get bored - instead of opening that solitaire game you could come do a puzzle with me? The name's penga. And Sak is .tachibana.tease. (He didn't choose the name, obviously. I named him after one of my manga crushes, poor man.)

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  1. "It's hard to get a screenshot without getting beat up in the process." hahaha.

    Hey, how did you know I play solitaire?!?!

    Wow. Sak's screename is kind of... sketchy? hahah. It has the word tease in it! :-P

  2. Ah! Dave played Gaia for a while, then got out of it, and is back into it again. He even got me to play it for a bit but I'm not really good with these things. Anyway, now that he's back into it he is on it ALL. THE. TIME! I didn't know they added an MMORPG, I always see Dave blowing things up and wondered about it. My favorite part was buying things to dress my avatar up but I never got far enough to get the cool stuff. I'd also get really freaked out when people started talking to me in the theater or the little house area, so I stopped using it. Well, happy playing, Dave is Diem btw!

  3. @alvina - yeah i guess the name really doesn't suite him at all. lolll.

    @kristin - hahahaha! so funny you played too! and even funnier that dave plays now! XD i can't find him though. maybe he has his profile on hidden or something? have him friend us and we can steal your hubby for some raids sometimes! :)

  4. Oh my god -- I think I have an account, like you, from like, a decade ago. I'll have to go look!! My friends told me about it, and I looooved buying accessories for my little avatar! I didn't know they had all these puzzles and stuff, though. I might have to go check it out, like, now. =)

  5. Remember how I said that I love your blog so much because you and I are opp-twins? (Like twins, but the opposite...) Well This just went so far over my head that I'm lost. MMPG, gold coins, clothes? What!

    If you get points for making friends I'll sign up - but don't be surprised if I get confused/frustrated after 10 minutes and give up!

  6. Whoops, he has a different user name for Gaia - it's Azly. He added both of you!

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