Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Mochi

Feeling like a fail-wifu, I forgot to make sure Sak got his new year's treat of mochi.  Among other traditions, it's customary in Japan to eat buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve, and mochi on New Year's Day.  Or at least to put the mochi out, and eat it sometime in January.  For good luck! Anyway, to make up for forgetting, he got it a week late.  Yes, I'm a week behind with just about everything right now, life has gotten so busy!

To really make mochi (super glutinous sweet rice), you have to pound the mochi flour, or put it in an automatic pounder.  Seeing as I have no patience and no pounder, I bought the instant kind.

Simply put the hard mochi in water, and microwave for a few minutes!

Then I put it in some sweet red bean soup, for a week-late new year's treat!  (Three since Penga-Sis is visiting with us for a while before her school starts up again.) And traditionally, you're supposed to make ozoni, which is a salty veggie soup with the mochi.  But neither Sak or I really like it, so I used something sweet instead! 

Looks kinda weird, I know.  But it really is tasty!

Do you have any new year's traditions?  I guess it's too late to make a resolution to be a more pro-active blogger and commentor, eh? *Sigh*


  1. Yum! I was actually really good about eating toshikoshi soba around midnight and snacking on mochi on New Year's Day this time. I usually toast my mochi in the toaster oven and dip it in a little shoyu + sugar and wrap it in nori. I also had some kuromame and kamaboko. Mochi is one of my favorite New Year traditions! (But I don't like ozoni either!)

  2. I would've gone with the mochi with ice cream instead. (Which apparently Costco in a three-pack with coffee, mango, and green tea!) :oP

    You are the best commentor I know! :]

  3. so yummy!!! i wish i'd had some of this on new year's--i was in japan then! i have been writing about it on my blog. =)
    i was thinking about you recently and so happy i found your blog. =) how are you?? i hope you are doing well!

  4. 1) Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sending Tebow (and his family) a new christmas card. I was cleaning all of ours up today for the party and I finally decided to throw away the one Tebow ate. I actually tried to tape it together, but that was a failure.

    Then, an hour later I checked the mail and THERE IT WAS! Thanks for making my day.

    2) Mochi? So confused already.

  5. @kristen - like dango then? next year i'll have to do everything on time!

    @alvina - seriously jealous of your costco membership. :P

    @melissa - genki genki! i'll have to follow along your amazing adventures now, how exciting!

    @gator - lol. sorry it was so late! I kinda fell off the face of the earth during Christmas. :P

  6. Koreans eat dduk guk on January 1st. It's kind of like mochi!

  7. (I came to your blog via weddingbee because I looove you! <3)

    My parents are Japanese, and I try to have mochi in January every year, too, even after moving to AZ. This New Year's, my new hubby and I went to North Dakota (brr) to visit his family since our wedding was in CA. They definitely did NOT have mochi there.

    Have you had the Pinkberry (or other froyo) original tart with sweet mochi balls and fresh fruit? TO DIE FOR.

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