Monday, January 24, 2011

Princess Swan?

It's driving me slightly batty that I haven't seen the Black Swan movie yet. I squeal loudly at every commercial for it, leaving Sak to chime down from his napping place upstairs, "Again?! Do you have to do that again?!"

Well, if someone would just take me to see it already...

Anyway, the reason I'm so interested is not because it's ballet (obviously I'm not the dancing type), and not just because it's Queen Amidala (though Natalie is probably one of my favorite actresses).

It's because the trailer seems to vibe so very well with one of my favorite anime series, Princess Tutu.

Watch this AMV (anime music video) and see if you don't agree:


Now, at first glance, Princess Tutu is just your run of the mill magical girl type show (think Sailor Moon). But as the story progresses, it turns into so much more. It gets darker, more intricate, and just all around fabulous (though the ending still makes me want to claw at the writer).

I have no idea what the plot of Black Swan is - but dark ballerina? It's been done before. And it's awesome.

Someone even did a mash-up with the Black Swan movie trailer - I'm definitely not the only one noting the potential for similarity!

So until I watch the highly-toted movie, I will continue to make noises at my television, and Sak will just have to live with it.

Have you seen Black Swan? Does it live up to the hype? Does it compare at all with Princess Tutu, assuming you've seen it? (And if you haven't seen it - go watch the series* on Youtube or something)

*In Japanese with subtitles, English dubs are the number 1 anime-watching no-no.


  1. *English dubs are a #1 no-no ALWAYS! Art should be seen in its original form. Not diluted.

    Of course Black Swan has been done before, are you familiar with Swan Lake?!

    I want to go so bad but all of my friends have already seen it and Pete doesn't really want to go. Lame. Come to Florida, we'll go together!

  2. I saw it with my mom. Don't do that. SO embarrassing! I hope Sak takes you soon! The story was predictable and the characters weren't developed properly, but it's visually stunning and the actors are great!

  3. Hope you love it! I have not seen it yet.

  4. You know it's a psychological horror flick, right? I wanted to see it, I mean, Natalie Portman, ballet, what's not to like? But then my family went and saw it and later regaled me with tales of my Dad and my brother jumping out of their seats, and of how all the patrons left the cinema with wide eyed, stunned and slightly petrified looks on their face. So then I reconsidered my choice of movie -_-;

  5. I really liked Black Swan--it was a great psychological thriller. It's VERY graphic though, so I wouldn't go with anyone you're not comfortable seeing explicit material with!

  6. I saw Black Swan, but not Princess Tutu. Super crazy movie, but a good movie nonetheless!

  7. thanks for your reviews! I'm usually down with the thrillers, as long as they aren't super gory. artistic, kill bill type gore is okay, but texas chainsaw is not :P


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