Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three Rivers

During Christmas break, my family drove down to a little place called Three Rivers by Visalia.
One of the three rivers!
The water was super high because of all the winter storms!

My Family and cousin-family! Brother was off with his college friends.
The wildlife was scarce, being winter, but we managed to find a few active fellows out!

Quail!!! SO CUTE. And the California state bird!
Back at the lodge, Sak had some wildlife of his own to fend off - Cousin E's 4 month old puppy, Gypsy!  She was a ball of energy, that's for sure.

We played a lot of Pictionary, of which Sak and I lost horribly.  He can't draw and I draw too slowly, a sure recipe for failure!

Back outside, we went on many a nature hike.  Both in Sequoia National Park and out!

Cute lil' mushy!

Walkin' by the water flume!

Snow, up on the top of the mountains!

We couldn't go all the way up to the snow since we didn't have chains for the car tires, but we went far enough (Hospital Rock) to get caught in a bit of a snow shower!
I really tried to get the snowflake, but the camera wasn't cooperating. :(  Each flake was so different and intricate and beautiful though! Fascinating!
Anyway, it was a literal breath of fresh air to get out in the woods for a few days.  Can't say it refreshed me enough to go back to work though, I developed a cold at the end of the trip and spent the next week in snot-city! Bah!

Did you go anywhere out of the normal for the holidays? Anyone going to the snow?

(Most photos by Penga-Mom)


  1. I kept thinking "Wow, Penga - your mom must have taught you some photography lessons!" Then I read your note. You should start taking lessons from her!

    I hate snow. Snow should be someplace you travel to once in a blue moon when you want to freeze your tush off and gain perspective on how nice your life is. You musta been freezing!

    Oh and that photo of Sak and the dog. We need to start working on him now. When Secret Plan #1 goes through, you'll be ready for Secret Plan #2 and he has to be ready too!

  2. pretty! did you make sure to go to black bear diner on your way home?

  3. Hahaha, I've only been to the West Coast once, two years ago, but we went to Sequoia National Park and Visalia! So funny! Love the photos :)

  4. Great photos! I was like wow, you should put up a tutorial on how to take pictures! haha. But loved the small critters ones, the mushrooms, and the sunset!

    Um. We had a blizzard yesterday. Does that count as going to the snow? :-P Rather, it came to us!

  5. O.M.G. You are just like me!! I totally have pictures of snowflakes (up-close) in both Yosemite and Bismarck because I was in shock that you could actually see the shape of them with the naked (well -- contacted) eye!!

    Beautiful pictures!! You guys are too cute for words. I love the quail, as well (being a CA-born-and-raised girl), especially when the kids are teeny puffs of feathers, running around all fast! I saw one trip one time, and then get up and run again -- I laughed and cried at the same time!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Sounds like a great time. I love the little birdie pictures, especially the quail. I don't think I've ever seen one of those IRL? I haven't been in nature for aaaages, I think the last time was when we went to Nikko in September. You guys are super cute!

  7. Hope you're feeling better. Snot city is no fun.

    I love the photos of the mushrooms and the landscape one above the photo of the snowflakes.

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