Thursday, January 20, 2011

Urgent Vote: Your V-Day Card!

Okay folks, even though it's still January, I'm on a deadline for Valentine's Day cards!

My plan was simple - make a card that had a dual purpose. And then I got crafting-lazy, and thought of an idea! I'll give you a blank card.  You can give it to someone else! That counts as dual purpose, right?  Don't worry though - I'll still write you a loveau-loveau message.  On a Post-It note!  Which is actually quite fitting, since for the past several years, all the cards I've given Sak have been on scrap paper and Post-It's (both because I'm cheap, and he throws them away anyway).

So! First, help me pick a design.  I've got three really-rough sketches for you to vote on.

There's a poll on the bottom of the left sidebar for you to vote. Thanks in advance! Saturday morning, we'll see which is the winner.  I'll spruce up the sketch with some line art and color before ordering some cards, and then I'll mail them off to whoever wants one. All hopefully before V-Day actually rolls around!

So if you want a free card and a handwritten greeting from moi - go ahead and e-mail me at pengawenga(at)gmail(dot)com. I won't stalk, pinky promise!


  1. All of them are ridiculously adorable! I'm a little partial to the blog comments one but for real, all of them are so cute. Real card companies need to hire you because everything they have is so stale.

  2. I really love the blog one but I'd probably hang this in my office at work and I feel like most people wouldn't get it.

    Even though I LOVE blog comments. Esp from you Penga.

    And you stole my heart. How cute. How stinkin' cute!

  3. Hahah they're so funny. How about a CARD SET of 3? :-P I vote for the first one! Even though I want to vote for the second? haha.

  4. Oh, I love them all but voted for the blogging bunnies. Too cute!

  5. dude! I love them, but of course, my heart goes out to the first one with blogging bunny. Seriously though, these would make such an awesome card set or calendar even!

  6. Love them all!!!! I voted for the farting guinea pigs (as I watch my ferrets run around the house playing). =)

  7. you are so clever and talented. it was very hard to choose between #1 and #2, but i went with #2.

  8. Gah! They are all so cute! Dave and I always gave each other Valentine's Day cards we made with our kids in our classes but not this year. Maybe you've got something there with this Post-It thing..

  9. Hah! We all love comments but I went with #2. It's adorable!!

  10. Hi~ new to your blog! I totally <3 your drawings, especially the farting guinea pigs. Totally my humor, and I don't care what that says about my humor :P

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