Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home Characteristics

After visiting so many houses over the peninsula, I started to make note of characteristics that we found ourselves ooh-ing and awe-ing over. Maybe it'll help us find the perfect house, or maybe it'll just make it impossible to find a perfect house. Who knows!

House things that we like:

-Multi levels
Up, down, sideways - I like the variation and partition effect of each room having it's own unique place in a house. Not so much the one-itty-bitty-step tripping hazard, but a good two stories, or couple of steps down to a sunken den is cool with me.

-Vaulted ceilings
I don't know, they just seem more impressive to me. Plus if you ever wanted to get a living room trampoline like in the movie "Big", you wouldn't hit your head on the ceiling. Sak especially likes the floorplans that include an overhang from the second story, perfect for throwing parachute men from.

-Under stairs storage
Harry Potter!!!

-Laundry chutes
(source) This one screams "steampunk", doesn't it?
Okay so we haven't seen any in real life yet, but they are still oh-so-awesome. No need for a cumbersome hamper either! Dirty clothes could pop out directly into the washing machine, or at least in a laundry room. Dumbwaiters are awesome too, but I don't think they make them in Penga-size. And yes I know those are called "elevators". Pshh.

Just imagine curling up like a cat on a big bean bag in the sun, minus the bugs and wind of the outdoors! What? There's no sun in the Bay Area?

-PA Systems

Okay, so we went into one old house that had one installed in every room, even the bathrooms! It was awesome, and now I want one. Imagine how you could scare guests by talking from a camoflauged PA in the bathroom?! It's almost as good as our current bathroom, which automatically locks you in if you shut the door all the way. Gets 'em every time.

-Trap doors
Must have. But I'm sure that if the house we end up with doesn't have one already - we'll just make our own.

-Accessible attics
They're just kinda creepy, eh? Like Beetlejuice or something.

-Redwood trees
How awesome would it be to have a big fat one in your backyard?! It's like having a big sign that says "I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA", but not as flashy. Flashy would be a palm tree - and even then you could be living in Florida or Hawaii.

Anyway, that about sums up the type of things that make us gush over a house.  Do you think we can find one that has it all? I'm doubtful, but having some of these things would be nice!

What kind of house things do you like?


  1. Well wouldn't a redwood also say you live in Oregon? Sorry, a little snippy from that palm tree comment!

    Just kidding.

    Thank you for using Escher. Favorite artist. Ever. Also, my favorite houses are the split levels. Like 3 or 4 levels (Depending on accessible basement/attic) of magic! They were always my favorite growing up. 6 steps separates the fun rooms from the formal rooms and the bedrooms from the lounges - so cool!

  2. These are definitely things you want or like rather than "need" and I am enjoying your reasons. Uggggghhh I would die to own a home; I want to put pictures up! A laundry chute would be pretty awesome too!

  3. LOL at your house "requests" :)

    I'm sure with two engineers, you can make most of these yourself if they didn't have 'em in the house already :]

  4. i love the trap door. happy house-hunting!

  5. Glad you narrowed it down.

    Vaulted ceilings: We have them, maybe taller than the photo. I love the way it looks. The problem is it causes extra expenses. Curtains = big $, most stores don't carry stuff long enough. Even blinds will be extra $ because you have extra windows to cover. Furniture needs to somewhat bigger so it doesn't look like dollhouse furniture. It takes longer to heat or cool. And you need to invest in a ladder and/or this super extended duster/light bulb changer. When we were first fixing up the house there were many days I wanted to bang my head for wanting to be fancy with this ultra tall ceiling, but now that it's over, and I love our high ceilings.

    Extra storage is nice. The place we use to rent had a huge under stair storage. The only problem was it became the place to stick all the junk, so I could pack rat tons of things I should have let go of.

    Laundry chutes: So cool. If I had one of these growing up...I would have gotten into so much trouble. Cars, army men, Transformers, juice, shampoo vs conditioner, and who knows what my siblings and I would have race through there. Lol. Our laundry room in on the upper level with our bedrooms. Newer homes have them on the upper floors instead of the basement. I put in a shelf in over the machines, bought some cheap laundry baskets and after we shower we just throw it in the white/dark/delicate basket. Love it!

    I would love a sun room. I would install on of those swimming treadmills.

    PA system: If you buy the 4-5 cordless phone sets, they come with build in intercom function.

    Trap doors: Yes! I like. I want to make a hidden room/space.

    Attics: I dunno. Our attic gets too hot to do anything.

    Redwoods: Pretty. Umm, it'll mean your place will have tons of large bugs. Every home I've been too that is near very large trees, had huge spiders.

    My wish wist would be a lap swim lane pool, 6 - 7 ft deep. I saw one at a house in Gilroy, the owner was a swim coach. So nice. But the insurance would be so expensive. I'd also like a home gym and a craft room, both stocked with the best of the best. Sigh, I would probably have to give up on ever having kids to make it happen.

  6. This is definitely the best list of house-wants I have ever read!! I would love to see you two on House Hunters. :)

  7. Love your list!!! Being in AZ, I opted for single story -- no need for a 2nd AC unit (or 1 that has to run forever to cool the upstairs), plus my first apartment of my very own had stairs, and I never vacuumed them because it was so hard!!

    Hubby and I would love a secret room or trap door (and the picture you posted is pretty rockstar), and I looooove the laundry chute idea! As for the Redwood, when I moved here, I brought a baby Redwood (or maybe it was a Sequoia) that I bought at Muir Woods a couple of years before. It was in a pot, and I thought, "How awesome if it survived here, and I had this gargantuan tree here??" It was feasible, since the golf course behind the house has pine trees, but nope. I killed it with my black thumb of death.

    I hope you get EVERYTHING you want!

  8. the month-twin Chicago girl that got one of ur vcard checking in here.

    We are shopping for house too, actually condo. I agree this is the time to buy. Our criteria is totally different than yours because a short-selling condo is all we can afford for now.
    So our criteria is basically good location, less than 10 yrs old, 2 bedroom and for me, I have to like the kitchen. That's about all we can ask for besides the price tag issue.

  9. Ahhh I love the idea of a laundry chute. That would be amazing.

    What I love about living in the apartment is having a trash chute, although I guess in a house, it wouldn't be all that much further to walk.

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