Sunday, February 6, 2011

Home Sweet Scary Home

Our quality-of-apartment-life has really gone downhill the last three years we've lived here.

I've been chased by scary dogs, while their owners sat back, laughing. Sak says I should kick the attacking animal, but I happen to like having intact appendages.

The door bell rings at 9 PM at night, with a thuggish teen asking us to buy magazine subscriptions. I tell Sak not to answer the door, and to pretend we aren't home. I won't even go near the door to look out the peephole in these occasions, as I'm sure the door isn't bulletproof. Years of living in a gang-infested city teaches you these things.

Speaking of thuggish teens, they like to sit in the walkways and stairwells "smoking funny things", their gangly legs in the way for you to trip on. Of course, when you do fall, they laugh. There's nothing scarier than a group of teenagers with that same evil, smug smile. Rebels without a cause?

Oh, but they are the cause of the 3AM Tuesday night police calls due to partying and violent fights. I thought after leaving college I wouldn't have to deal with that anymore?

There's also the frequently double parked cars, which make it impossible to move our car out of our spot, or the neighbor that always parks over their line, making it impossible to park in the first place.

And then there's the mail.

With the exception of like, one nice person - I've decided that our rental office is staffed of purely incompetent people. I'll try to pick up a mail package, but they "can't find it". Then the same night I'll get a phone call from the same person saying that if I don't pick up my mail, they'll send it back. I have to budget 2 or 3 trips in order to get my mail each time. And don't even think about Sak picking something up for me. That's "not allowed", even though we signed a mail authorization form in the beginning of our lease. When told about the paper, the lazy worker refused to look up our file.

This is a rant, a long time coming. But there's a point to it! And it's that Sak and I turned to each other, mutually stating - "We've got to move."

Dun Dun Dun!


  1. this post reminded me that we both like mail!! if you want to be pen pals again, you can message me your address on fb. =) unless you are moving super soon...?


    So happy for you.

  3. Wheeee moving! That's exciting and fun! Well... maybe first exciting and then later fun when you're all settled in. :]

  4. Eeeeek. It does sound bad. You are right, you have GOT to move! Hope you found the perfect place for a pair of Saks!

  5. Yes, you really do have to move!

  6. Good luck finding your perfect place! I would be itching to move too!

  7. Wow, I'm really excited for you and Sak!! I hate the "move" part, but it'll be so nice to have a change of scenery (and not be afraid of things and people nearby). =)

  8. yay! sounds like you two need to move--you definitely deserve a better living situation.


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