Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's Draw a House

So the waiting game begins! Our short sale house offer was countered at a minor amount, we accepted and now it's off to the lenders! Where it can take...up to six months!


I think I shall die of anxiety before then. But it is what it is, I suppose. What you save in a great selling price, you lose in a whole lot of uncertainty and time.

In the meantime, we're advised to continue the search. Short sales often fall through, and if we find something better, we can always move on.

And yet, I find myself scratching in the lines of the house on every bit of paper that falls within reach. Like the lovesick scribbles of a crush's name in the margins of a notebook - I just can't help it. It's nearly disturbing, especially since I know I will cry like a rejected lover if this all ends badly. *dramatic sigh*

In any case, I don't think it's particularly healthy to pine after a house that might not even be mine. But I'd like to continue this interest in architecture drawing though - since it might keep me off the couch and in less of a zombie state of being. Usually I want nothing but to draw lovey-dovey couples, so I think this would be an interesting change. What say you? Care to inspire a girl? E-mail or link me to a picture of your home! It doesn't even have to be your own home - just simply a place that you love and feels like home! And I will do something with it. Maybe like Pam's drawing of Dunder-Mifflin?
Only not nearly as realistic and way more on the toonish side of style? Who knows! It's an experiment, and it'd be more fun to have inspiring bloggy friends rather than some soul-less photos off real estate websites. Anyway, email is pengawenga @ gmail, hope you all have a great weekend - stay warm!


  1. I am going to take one first thing tomorrow.

    Short-sales suck, hopefully we both get ours!

  2. Good luck on the short sale, although I firmly believe if this falls through its because something even more perfect is out there for you. Stay warm in snowpocolypse 2011!

  3. congrats on finding something and making an accepted offer--good luck with the rest of the sale!

  4. Yay on being in a contract on a house! I know we finally sighed a big relief when we signed the last piece of paper at closing. I'll send happy thoughts that it doesn't fall through!

  5. Fingers are crossed! And I agree with Mrs. Glasses -- everything happens for a reason!


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