Monday, February 21, 2011

Origami New Year's Rabbit

Honestly, I've been in a stinky slump lately due to this housing search.  While not overtly stressful, it is a roller coaster of emotions (another offer outbid, new offer pending - but on a short sale house). I feel like I can't move on with my life until it's over, and it doesn't look like it'll be over anytime soon.  Since I'm a whine-tastic drag in this state, Sak's been trying to get me to do the things that typically bring me joy - though finding the motivation sure is hard! Specifically - he wants me to start serious drawing again (because that would mean hours of absorbed computer time instead of loud lamenting on the couch). But until I find my muse/inspiration/etc. - he'll have to be happy with little craft projects and hours of videogames.

Enough excuses? Here's how to make your own New Year's Bunny: (diagram instructions from here)

This part was kind of confusing for me, but you lift up your fold and press it down. Both sides.

Then fold it in half, and two little flaps should stick up.

Then do a couple inner folds (mountain folds? what are they called?) to make the tail.
Don't forget to draw the eyes on!  Happy New Year!

I have a hard time interpreting origami diagrams sometimes, so pictures are helpful.  But if you're too pro for this little noobie rabbit - the instructions for Sak's complex rabbit are found here.

Anyone year of the rabbit? Sak and I are ox-folk ourselves.

(Personal side-question: what's your remedy for getting out of a funk?)


  1. You overestimate my attention to detail. I gave up shortly after fortune teller things. Although they did pay off in hours of fun.

    Pete and I are tigers! Yay for the year of the tiger. Wait. I just looked up Year of the Tiger. Pete missed it by 7 days. Oh well.

    And remedy for getting out of a funk? Getting out there and helping people. I swear, a bit of perspective (errrr community service) is a easy way to realize how amazingly awesome we really have it!

    Or drawing Tebow.

  2. I'm a sheep/ram and my hubby is a horse. But our moms are/were both rabbits!

    Funk is hard for me to shake, and I'm in one right now. Usually, cross-stitching, a few early episodes of Friends, and chocolate will do it. But lately, I'm getting fat on chocolate and I'm not shaking the funk! Sometimes maybe it just takes some time. I've actually been working on a blog post about how it's hard to be excited about goals and stuff since the wedding! Is it the same for you??

  3. OXEN!!! Awww, cheer up! The right house will land in your laps at the right time. :] I know so, cause He said so. Don't worry too much! I think drawing would be good for you too. Maybe even if you draw how you'd like to design the inside of your house? haha. Draw draw draw! Or video games.... those are good too. :]

  4. Me: dog.
    Jimmy: rat.
    Jae: boar.

    Cute oragami's! Good luck house hunting! What a stressful thing. Not that I've experienced, but heard second-hand! We won't be in that boat for another 5-10 years I think.

  5. I know how you are feeling. We went 50+ open houses. House hunting took us 6 months. We also tried waiting for a short sale, that was 4 months of random chanting of our realtor's name, hoping to get a call saying we got the house. Err, we went a little crazy waiting. And it did feel like we were in limbo. (The short sale did not get approved.)

    When we got the house, we went even more crazy. We had an overlap of a month of renting and owning, but everyday we went and visited our home.

    Then we went into a furniture slump. It was overwhelming to decorate our home. There are too many choices. And the choices I loved were $$$.

    I love my home more b/c we had to work hard to get it. I know you find the house of your dream soon.

  6. cute origami bunnies! sorry you're in a slump--but things will pick up again and you'll be back in the swing of things. if there's another hobby/activity you can immerse yourself in to get your mind off the stressful things, that would be great!

  7. Awww, Sak's version is much more obvious and intricate, but I think your bunny is so cute! I love the big, long head!

  8. My funk remedy is to just do the next thing. I have so many goals and plans for myself that I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of what I need to do. When that happens, (eventually, I tend to hide under the blankets for a couple of days first) I coax myself out of my inertia by getting myself to that next small task that works towards my goals. It's productive, but manageable at the same time. Good luck!


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