Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Original Characters

I think everyone has them, to a certain extent. Some call them imaginary friends, but I prefer the more socially acceptable term "original characters".

They're the people that exist in that alternate universe that floats around in your head. They have their own characteristics, moods, and story - and well, if you could just get it all out on paper you'd have a best seller, you're sure.

In high school my friends and I used to draw our own and each other's. We'd share the story behind them as we colored in flame-red hair. Sometimes we'd write the OC's name down once we finished, but most of the time they remained mysterious images, known intimately only by their owners.
Well, this one was from college, but still some of my friend's OCs!
If we were lucky enough to be pushed to a creative writing project, a glimpse of their lives might be shown, but mostly we were stuck with those nasty book reports. We were mostly too lazy to do anything but draw them.

And I love going through my old artwork, cringe worthy as it is. It brings back memories of OCs, some completely forgotten, others as familiar as family.
BAD 2002-era art. And I dunno why their skin is orange, I must have run out of markers. Their skin was supposed to be the same hue as their hair though, not that it matters much...
For example, there was Shui, the water fairy - who ran away from her arranged marriage to a nice, safe man she'd known from childhood, and escaped for adventure's sake with a fire fairy, though it was forbidden. She left the fire fairy when she found out he already had a wife, and spent some time learning to stand on her own amongst a sympathetic band of forest fairies. Somehow she ended up with the undersea evil guy, and is rescued by the guy she was arranged to be married with in the first place, because he had been trying to find her the entire time. They dispatch the evil guy, and they go back and marry, even though she's pregnant with the evil guy's kid. Which of course turned into a spin-off of the life of her half-fairy daughter.

Oh man, that's horrible. Maybe it's a good thing I never wrote things out. The sad thing is the stories in my head today aren't all that better. *Keeps to self*

Please tell me I'm not the only one. What are/were your OCs like? What's their story? Be honest!


  1. I make lists when I day dream. Grocery lists. Shopping lists. To do lists. Work lists. Travel lists... I wish I was as creative as you!

  2. it is now confirmed that you've always been amazingly creative, artistic, and imaginative. i'm awed.

  3. That's awesome. I have no drawing talent whatsoever but I loved to write, so I've got what you don't - notebooks full of (of course) cringe-inducing stories about my OCs but no pictures :( your way is probably better; the pictures are awesome.

  4. your creativity always amazes me :) btw i got your valentine card! can't wait to give it to my stinky hubs lol

  5. I wish I had your talent.

    I'm better at mechanical drafting then freehand stuff. I've had many classmates laugh and then ask me if I drew R or L in my circuit. I would get lazy and my R starts looking like dash-squiggle-dash, instead of having defined peaks. Hello! It's labeled, so you should be able to guess.


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