Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Others Along the Road

*Sheepish grin* Hello again world. I, uh, have only $37 in my bank account now. *blanches*

Obviously there are still some hurdles left in this house-buying process, but we are very nearly there.

But first, an ode to the ones that weren't:
(all Carla pictures from trulia)
Carla, oh Carla. One of the very few homes of newer construction (1980's is considered new in this built out peninsula), Carla had vaulted ceilings, a walk in closet, a hot tub and two mature redwood trees in the backyard. She was walking distance to a park and the Caltrain. And she was beautiful. We loved her at first sight.
But her seller wouldn't back down on his very unreasonable price tag. And that's the end of that story.

Jefferson, you handsome man you. Where our price range usually equals lot sizes of about 5,000 square feet, this big guy was 20,000. With a great view. Of course, the old man was also falling apart - with a second story door that dropped down completely because the stair case had rotted away. But he had great potential, and tons of room. A PA system throughout the house, and even an indoor barbecue pit. You would have been fun if we had capital to fix your dilapidated condition.


Culdy. My, you were cute. A standard home on the end of a cul-de-sac, he sported a super private backyard with a nice big redwood tree. He had a hidden den off the kitchen, not too unlike the bat cave. And the fully upgraded kitchen was nice, even for people who don't cook much.
(all culdy pictures from redfin)
We offered on you, but were outbid. The buyer eventually backed out after the inspections came back with some alarm. Thus, we weren't too sorry to see you go.

Trailer home. Well, okay - Mom's nick-name for you really isn't fair, but you were a crazy blue color. We fell in love with her quirky design, and beautiful view. She had a cherry blossom tree, and fully redone bathrooms in pretty glass tile. Though her quirks meant an unpermitted extra bedroom and bath, we offered on her anyway. But as she was a short sale, we kept on looking in the meantime.
(all trailer pictures from redfin)

Retro. You were by far the coolest house on the block. Sak and I burst into fits of giggles the whole time we toured him. Everything screamed the 50's. We loved his ceiling tall windows and very acceptable price tag.
(all retro pictures from Eichler Homes)

But he was not to be - for our castle had called to us, and we answered.

And now I have $37 dollars left.

(And before you lecture me for not figuring out closing costs or whatever ahead of time - the reason I am now broke is because the stock Sak was going to use to pay part of the down payment won't be sold in time for closing, so the difference came out of my emergency monies. Hopefully they'll sell by next week so I can stop freaking out. Note to future home-buyers: liquidating accounts takes more than a day. Yep...)

I've missed you, and I think I'm nearly ready to climb back into the blogosphere. Though from the general slow down in posting my reader has seen this past month - I'm guessing we're all a little busy lately.


  1. Oh my goodness I love that last one so much! Very cute. I can't wait to see YOUR new house! Congratulations! :)

  2. I've missed you. Tons. I remember a few of these gems (at least hearing you talk about it) so I'm uber excited to see what you finally bought!!!

    Still, I've missed you tons.

  3. I like your descriptions!! Carla was nice! That pointy window! They were ALL very unique and.... w/ great views or some... other great feature! Can't wait to see the CASTLE!!!

  4. Yikes! I'm so glad you found The One... I mean the Other One... Ok, The One After Sak And Your Wedding Dress.. but Sew, I'm worried about you!! I think it's time to go home and live outta your parents fridge for the weekend ;)

  5. Such a tease! Can't wait to see your new digs!

  6. I missed you so much, and was starting to worry -- but I'm so glad your hiatus was well-deserved! I can't wait to see pictures of The One, and congratulations!! It'll be worth it, I promise!!!

  7. Culdy was so cute! I can't wait to see your new home. Congratulations. :D

  8. After seeing the other contenders, I'm dying to see your new house!!


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