Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bay Area PSA

For the Bay Area crafters, techies, or just the curious - today is the last day to buy pre-sale Maker Faire tickets.  After today they go up in price! Maker Faire is May 21 - 22, and is utterly fascinating.  Last year they had a letterpress you could try out, robots galore, amigurumi lessons, a giant Tesla coil, Adam from the Mythbusters, and so much more.

Sak and I will be going on Saturday the 21st, so let's hang out if you're planning to attend!
"Please be my friend! ....Hello?....Hello?"

And also, Fanime is coming up at the end of the month (Memorial Day Weekend)! Sak and I will be there from Friday to Monday, costumeless since I am lame and didn't make one in time. If you're an anime fan (or have an anime fan in the family *cough*Glasses*cough*), this is the Nor Cal convention to attend. This will be my 11th consecutive year, which makes me feel both old and proud. Mostly old. 

May is always the busiest month, but oh-so fun!


  1. !!! I want to hang out with you at nerdy faires! :oP

  2. You guys have to come visit for Comic Con sometime! I tried to register for Fanime, but after three failed attempts I gave and decided to stay in San Diego.

  3. Dude! Thanks for the heads up! I totally remember your post about this on Weddingbee and thinking we'd really like to go! We are looking up everything up now! FUN!

  4. Come to a Florida anime convention!

  5. @sneha - next year! next year! bummer that it wouldn't let you reg for fanime though :( i misssss you!

    @kristin - yes! let me know if you can make it, we should hang out!

    @gator - do they have a good oneee? sounds tempting!


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