Sunday, May 8, 2011

DIY Drawstring Purse

With cousin's wedding coming up, and I not having an acceptable purse for my stuff, there was the perfect excuse to get to the backlog of projects I'd been meaning to try. I've always been more of a bag-lady, so purses are of short-supply around here. And though I could have just asked Sak to carry around my camera, phone and wallet - what fun is that? Certainly none for him.

I found this intriguing tutorial: mairuru's origami drawstring bag, which makes a cute little bag (okay, not a purse - can we compromise and call it a wristlet?).  The neat part about the bag is that it boasted three (!) pockets. I love pockets.

Digging through my fabric stash, I tried to find two colors that would best match the dress I was to wear.  I settled on a floral pink and a dotted periwinkle:

Since the instructions I followed are already superbly clear and well-documented, I'm not going to do a step-by-step.  But I encourage you to check out the above link, because it is a very simple (and quick) project with fantastic results!

See, all you need is a square to get started:

And within no time at all:

On the sides are two mini pockets. 

And of course the main pocket in the middle.

So fun! And it worked nicely with the granny-dress (Sak's words) I wore to the wedding. 

Team bag or team purse? What side are you on? Or I guess there's team backpack too. Team fanny-pack?


  1. Wow so cute!! I guess I'm team purse. Because... team bag was so like 4 year ago. :OP jk jk

  2. Sadly I am on team designer purse/bag/crap. It was the addiction of my 20's. I don't know what I was thinking spend $1K++ each on a purse. It's shameful to say I could buy a car in cash with the $ I spent on purses. I still *heart* my purses, I just shouldn't have bought that many.

    Cute bag. I'm going to make one too.

  3. Such a cute fabric for that purse!! And I'm sure your dress wasn't "grandma" like Sak says. =)

    I'm team purse, and have a small collection of designers like neko. But I usually end up using my non-designer ones for day-to-day!


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