Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fish Burger

While I don't eat fast food too often, there is always that one thing that just makes your mouth water, no matter how bad you know it to be for you.
It also doesn't help when it's Sak's weakness too (right after Arby Melts anyway).

I got the little Filet-O-Fish dangle when we were in Japan, so I'm going to say that I am now a certifiable fish burger fan.
Certifiable "food-strap" love. 
In any case, we don't get them anymore since they aren't a dollar like they were in college. But I had this idea that maybe I'd make my own!

And if you think I'm battering and cooking my own fresh fish - think again.
We've been on a quesadilla fix lately, so all I have is shredded cheese in the house.

Do they taste like the real deal? Not at all.  They taste too healthy.  Maybe it was the vegetables or the wheat bread.  Sak thinks I didn't use enough tartar sauce.  But healthy-taste isn't a bad thing. They were actually pretty delicious, and definitely easy and fast enough for my weak-sauce cooking abilities.

What's your secret fast-food weakness? And can it be recreated at home?


  1. It was probably the tomato that made it seem too healthy. We had that same kind of fish earlier this week, just with sauce, and it didn't seem that healthy to me!

    My weakness is Auntie Anne's pretzels. I don't think they could possibly be as good homemade (or at least made by me).

  2. You guys ate four? :oP

    Haha. Aren't they like two for $3?! Common' two engineers. You can afford it. hehe. ;oP

    Your fishstick concoctions look tasty though! Maybe THREE fishsticks to a burger will make it better!

  3. yum! when mcdonald's changed their chicken sandwich to using one big piece of lettuce instead of the wilted, chopped up lettuce bits doused in sauce, i was upset. i liked that soggy lettuce. not sure if they're doing that anymore.

  4. Use Gorton's filets (they are bigger) and a slice of American cheese. Yum! I second Auntie Anne's pretzels, mmm.

  5. mmm. pretzels and soggy lettuce. :)

    and yes, alvina - we ate four. lol. And it's not so much the price as the price increase we are in denial over. hahaha.

  6. When I go away and Dave has to fend for himself, food-wise, he makes these. I don't really like fish and he loves this stuff! He definitely doesn't use wheat bread and skips the salad component though :) Mac food straps <333 big love!


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