Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hawaiian Bread Pudding

Last Sunday there was a bake sale at our church, to raise funds for the youth group.  Bummed that all the SPAM musubi's were gone by the time we got to the table, I sighed and asked Sak to pick out something else instead.
He came back with a small tray of "Hawaiian Bread Pudding". 

We took it home, and I cut it up, expecting pineapples or something.

But no. It was HAWAIIAN BREAD pudding.  As in - King's Sweet Hawaiian Bread. It was fabulous and I would have inhaled the tray had my dad not beat me to it. (He was visiting (again) to fix our house problems. We are lame.)

And then it was gone. And I was sad that I'd have to wait until the next bake sale for more.

In desperation I wondered - might it be in the church cookbook? Just possibly?

And yes! Yes it was!

I pushed Sak out the door and we were on our way to pick up ingredients. Hawaiian Bread Pudding would be mine!

And then I read the first direction.  "Scald milk".


Scald?  How does one scald?

I started to think maybe this recipe was above my skill-level.  But luckily there is the internet.

From what I understand now - scalding milk means bringing it just to a boil - but not quite.  Take the milk off as soon as the little bubbles start building around the rim of the pan.
So I finished compiling my bread pudding, ignoring the subsequent instruction to let the scalded milk cool down.

The result was the milk kind of cooked my eggs rather than mixing with them. Ehh.

But it still tasted divine!
All cooked!
I plan to share this one with my convention buddies. If it lasts that long.
I love you, bready pudding.

(Also, I don't know if I'm allowed to just copy paste recipes from books - so I won't. But I'm pretty sure it's standard bread pudding - just using Hawaiian bread instead of normal bread.)

What's your go-to favorite at bake sales? I'm usually a Rice Krispy treat girl, myself.


  1. Yum! When I saw the title of your post, I was wondering the same thing - was it Hawaiian "bread pudding" or "Hawaiian bread" Pudding? I was hoping it was the latter and I'm so glad it is! I love Hawaiian bread! :)

  2. That looks so good! I feel weird about copying recipes from books, too, but I don't have any problems linking to them if I can find them online. I definitely want to try this one out :)

  3. SHE'S A COOK! Now that I know y'all aren't eating ONLY healthy food i shall send unhealthy recipes your way too.

    But don't worry Sak, I will PROMISE to make them coupon and budget friendly. I have your best intentions in mind.

  4. I don't like bread pudding because of the texture, but I LOVE Hawaiian bread, and I bet it makes the bread pudding taste amazing!!

  5. LOL Spam masubi at a bake sale :oOP

  6. The hubby just bought a Sam's pack of Hawaiian bread last night and I was fretting about what to do with it. There's only two of us. Perfect timing on this post! THanks!!

  7. I have a half eaten pack of King's Hawaiian "rolls" at home. Do you think it'll be ok in place of the "bread?"

    I was really interested in the recipe, until I saw the raisins. Raisins are so gross. I'm going to pretend they are chocolate chips. =)

  8. What's the recipe! lol

  9. The recipe was an answer to prayer.


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