Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Invitation Wedding Card

One of the best wedding cards we received was actually made from our own invitation (hence why I would think it was the best? How narcissistic).

But really, I think it was a really clever way of re-purposing our invite!

And since I just so happen to have my cousin's wedding to attend, I thought I'd do something similar with her invitation.
Peacock theme!
It was kind of scary how much fun it was to make. Maybe I like weddings more than I'd like to admit. Or maybe it's just the pretty crafts. Hard to tell. Though I don't think I should go into business as a peacock-hairstylist. 
Instant, personalized wedding card!
I added the embossed monogram that was on the back of the invite to the inside of my card.

Anyway, I'm pretty much going to do this invite-to-wedding-card idea for every future wedding I get to attend. I love the concept just that much! And hopefully the recipients do as well!

Marrieds, did you have a favorite wedding card?


  1. Never seen anything like this before in the wedding world! So cool!

  2. what a great idea--i love this!

  3. Yeah, none of my cards were memorable...but I'm totally doing this from now on!

  4. Oh that's a cute idea! But I was sorta working on saving people's invites. Though now that I think about it... that's a ton of cards/space/paper/junk I don't really need. OKAYYYYYY idea stolen as well. Maybe. haha. :-D

  5. How pretty! Love the finished product :)

  6. that is genius! I'm definitely borrowing this idea. The one you made is cute too.

  7. So cute!! I really love the idea of this!! My problem is that I'm a packrat, and can't get rid of things like wedding invitations. =( But I would have loved to get one back from a guest at our wedding! =)


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