Monday, May 16, 2011

The Price is Right

In exchange for helping us move/clean out the apartment, I promised to make my mom some shirts for her water aerobics team.  They were going down to L.A., to try and make it on The Price is Right.

Okay, I had no idea what the gameshow was about, but it's apparently an oldie-but-goodie, now hosted by Drew Carey.  I watched a few clips online for reference.
Bob Barker was the old host.
If you have a group of at least 15 people, they'll let you into the live studio audience, and then if you're lucky you'll get picked to go up on stage.

Once on stage, you have to guess the value of various items, and if you get it right, you win the item.

Now, Mom says that if you have a good shirt, you have a better chance of being picked.  If that's the case, Drew in some speedos would probably have been the way to go, eh? But these are respectable folk, and they were in charge of their own design.

So the swimmers bought a bunch of bright tealish-blue shirts for me to print on in black ink. They wanted their team mascot, Puddles the bear, on the shirt, along with the game show itself.
Photo by Penga-mom

Mom put together the image, we printed it out, burned it to a screen (on the 220 mesh paper screen for some reason), and busted out 23 shirts in one night.  

Penga-Dad and Sis printed one too.

And all was fine, dandy, and successful - except I was a little sloppy with the image placement.  Some of the shirts aren't aligned quite right. Oooops.

Luckily, Mom was optimistic, and said that it would leave room for the giant nametags the contestants have to wear anyway.  Yay!
Looks good to me!
Anyway, though no one came home with a new car, I heard they had a great time! 

Have you watched The Price is Right? 


  1. How fun that they went to the Price is Right! You did a great job making the shirts!

  2. Awesome shirts! The price is right is pretty awesome ;)

  3. I watched price is right ALL THE TIME as a kid! I loved it! Its what our non-cable kids did to pass rainy summer days away.

    Kind of very jealous.

  4. I used to watch the Price is Right all the time when I was younger! Loved it!

    Great job on the tees!

  5. Oh man! How could you have never heard of the show?? Clearly you are much younger than I. =) When we were in college down in LA (Go, Bruins!), people would go all the time! One of my college BFFs Bryan actually went and won a Mustang! It's on youtube somewhere, it's kind of funny because Bob Barker was still the host, and he's a close-talker (Seinfeld, anyone?). And you can see Bryan awkwardly trying to step back a little to create some buffer room.

    I also heard that they ask questions like "What's your name, and if you're selected, what would you hope to win?" and the answers you give can help get you selected. For example, my freshman year roommate was flustered, and answered, "My name is Andrea, and... I want... a dinette set!" What she would have done if she won a dinette set, I'll never know (thank goodness). We had 3 girls in one dorm room that year. We certainly didn't have room for a dinette set!

  6. I grew up watching the Price is Right with my great grandmother and grandparents. It was my dream to attend a live taping before Bob Barker retired. It's a long story, but maybe I'll vlog about it soon! Great shirts, btw! You did an awesome job!

  7. Oh, I LOOOOVE Price is Right! I've only watched the Bob Barker versions. Strangely, it reminds me of being sick because the only time I watched it was when I was home sick from school or on school break :) Hope your mom's team gets picked!

  8. duuude. now i feel like i missed out on childhood! lol.

  9. I love The Price Is Right too! It's been on for ages, and during the summer in my childhood I would watch it while my parents were off at work. Then I revisited it when I didn't have an early class. In my recent unemployment I wouldn't miss an episode with Drew Carey!! I want to go, but my friend (who is a die hard) went for his birthday and said he had to get up sooooo early and wait in a huge line, only to not be picked and it was basically a big disappointment slash not worth it. Good to hear they had a great time, I might still try to get on it, though Dave will never agree because he says he has no chance of winning if they pick him!

  10. Oh and those shirts are RAD!

  11. LOL Puddles the bear is SO CUTE!! :-D Great job!

  12. The tee shirts turned out great and you did a super job! Although....I think you got off easy for all that help your mama gave you cleaning and helping you move!!! Just kidding! You're a sweetie and we really appreciated the shirts! Thanks again!

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