Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SoCal Graduation Trip

Last weekend, Sak and I flew down to LA to watch his brother graduate with his USC Masters.
Grad card!
This time it was Sak, and not me, that got the pat-down. "Pocket anomalies", his pants were called.

It'd been a while since our last trip to Southern Cal, and I welcomed the warmth so often missing from our half of the state.  
What are these purple trees? They were gorgeous!
To start off, Sak-brother got his first lei - a real one!
It's called a cigar lei, though I'm not sure why.
He graduated...
Somewhere in here.
...And then we dumped the rest on him!

As you can maybe see, Sak's mom totally trumps me in the ribbon lei making department.  But she imparted some of her wisdom, so hopefully I can try some new styles soon!

Some gratuitous shots of USC's gorgeous campus:
You know it's a private school when there's a topiary involved.

I like this patio furniture. No other reason.
We ate dinner in a Korean mall food court (since EVERYWHERE was packed), and I pigged out on my favorite dish of assorted vegetable matter, beef, egg and magical red sauce.
The next day we took a day trip to Long Beach.

Hello, funnel cake, my love!
And we ate dinner at Roys.  Yes, with the gift card we gave the parents for date-night purposes at our wedding rehearsal last year. So much for that plan. But, my choco lava cake is not complaining too much. I'm declaring it my new favorite-fancy-but-not-snooty-restaurant.

And then we came home! Right at the tail of Bay to Breaker's 100th anniversary. That made getting home via public trans interesting!

What's the furthest you've travelled for someone's graduation? (Next year, I think I need to convince Sak we need to go to Hawaii for his cousin's graduations! Family first, right? *wink*)


  1. The trees with purple flowers are Wisteria. :) I went to college in SoCal too so I saw plenty of them.

  2. actually, the purple flowering trees are called jacaranda. it's a common misconception in socal that they're called wisteria (which is not a tree but a climbing vine). :)

  3. the leis are beautiful! and so is that funnel cake.

  4. Agree with Pug -- the funnel cake looks aMAzing! And while I am anti-USC by blood, the pictures of their campus are very pretty! And it's coincidental, I just made reservations last week at Roy's in Scottsdale for our one year anniversary in July! We <3 Roy's -- we went to the one on the Big Island on our first night of our honeymoon. =)

    I traveled from Tucson to Berkeley for my sister's graduation back in 2006. Otherwise, I just tend to travel for weddings. =) Beautiful leis!

  5. WHat's all that stuff on the funnel cake?


    LOOOVE ROYS!!! :-D The lobster potstickers andd choco lava cake. Mmmmmm!


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