Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wedding Scrapbooks

Welcome back, wedding season!

First of all, there's a new princess in town! (I seriously hope that crazy hats for guests becomes some huge trend here, because I'd like to give Princess Beatrice a run for her money...)

And on a much more local scale, my cousin H is getting married next week!

Her mom decided that it would be good to give the bride a scrapbook full of advice from all the married ladies in the family. Sounds like a nice present right? Not that I think she needs advice. She's very practical and smart.

Anyway, my aunt gave me a page to complete, despite my warnings.  I haven't even been married a year yet - my advice isn't worth beans.

But it was a serious assignment, so I took it seriously.
Workplace all set up, with cousin-in-dress picture ready to go.
I was totally excited to use my new pencil Mom got me to prove my favorite cute-cute store in San Jose hadn't closed down like I thought it did.
For my page, I went with the tried-and-true manga format. Too lazy to scan and ink on the computer, I did it by hand with some Microns (.005 and .03 size) for inking and a grey Prisma marker for shading. (It was a pretty bad idea though, considering I somehow killed both my hands in the process. So sore!)

To give the page a bit of color though, I cut out each frame of the manga to glue down on a piece of pretty scrapbook paper.

Hours later...

And all in place with a picture of the lovely couple (from our 2nd reception photobooth!):

Want to read? Here's the frame-by-frame:

Advice #2 is my favorite. Sak's is #1.

I hope my aunt doesn't get mad at me for being gross and borderline-lewd instead of sentimental and loving. And I hope my weird humor doesn't fly straight over Cousin H's head. But I threw in a reference to Star Wars and Mighty Ducks in my last panel-personal-message to her.  We shared those passions in our youth, so if nothing else, I think she'd like that. :)

All ready to go, with another sheet of pretty scrapbook paper for the backside!
What's your favorite bit of marital advice to give out?


  1. LoL THAT WAS FABUUUUUULOUS!!! haha. :-D Loved it! Great drawings and funny content, as usual. :] Great job! Good advice.

  2. I am dying for a new wedding project. Two women at work are getting married and I keep trying to get them to pawn wedding projects on me.

    I love this one - so personal! Must've been fun to put together too! Drawing + fun paper + sage wedding advice!

  3. 1) Your cousin has the best name ever.

    2) I think this is wonderful. If you'd ever like to send me a little bit of scrapbook advice. You know where to find me!

    Miss ya.

  4. You had me laughing the entire time. Your cousin will love this. The advice are priceless!

  5. Haha - love the finished product! So awesome!! :)

  6. Muah ha ha ha...too funny! I love it!

  7. Such a funny content! I was so amazed with your scrapbook designed, and the content on it looks like a comics and I love your punchline. By the way I am really inspired with your artwork so I decided to make my own scrapbook but I need some advice coming from you. Will you grant my request?


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