Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bed Head...Board!

Now that May the insane is over, I can get back to newest-pretend-profession: interior designer!

Kidding, Actually I'm still scared stiff by all the design blogs I look at now. But we'll start small and work our way up, eh? 

How about the bedroom? Surely that can't be that hard.

Okay. Maybe it can be that hard. The only thing good going on up there is the pretty duvet that my aunt gave us as a wedding gift! 

Anyway, let's ignore the fact that I need new pillowcases and that only one of us gets a bedside table. I'd like a headboard. Specifically - a shoji screen headboard.

But shoji screens are expensive! I've seen anywhere from $70 - $200 for one, and I'm too cheap for that.

So we'll make our own, and see if it comes out cheaper.

But before I go out and find materials and such - I need to come to a decision on the design.

Here's some options:

They aren't all that different - same idea with three panels and such, but hopefully you can help me pick through the nuances!

If you'd like to help me out, vote for your favorite (or tell me in the comments if you have a better idea!)

Do you have a headboard? Do they serve a purpose other than to look pretty?


  1. Man, I wish I could draw like you!

  2. We're thinking of making shoji screen closet doors so I'm looking forward to seeing how you DIY them.

    Which home design blogs have you been reading?

  3. I like the first one a lot! I think it would look great in there...of course, I think all of them would look awesome, for some reason I'm just drawn to the first design. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. I like the simple, clean lines of the first drawing. Can't wait to see your end result :)

  5. Love your duvet and love even MORE your drawings!!! Girl! :]

    I liked A and then when I scrolled down to B there was an immediate "Oooo!" But then I was drawn back to A.

    But you can't lean on the screen though right? It's just for decorative purposes? And hopefully no one swings their arms when they sleep? :oP

  6. I have lamp in the screen style. It's difficult to dust b/c of the rice paper. I had to use compressed air to get at the dust in the corners.

    If you are going to do a head board, think about painting the headboard section of the wall white and glue/nail the wood pieces to the wall. Or you could also do a tri-split framed photo/drawing of a screen, that would be a snap to dust, and change out the pictures if you ever get bored.

  7. I had a hard time selecting between A and B. Ultimately I picked B, but it was close! I love the idea, and man, I love your drawings.

    We are quasi-headboard-less. I hung up a curtain rod on the wall years ago, and we currently have sheer orange "curtains" as our headboard. It's easy to change out to other curtains if we wanted, which is nice, but I never bother. Haha!

  8. Your duvet is VERY very pretty! I love the idea of a shoji screen headboard, but even more excited to see how you MAKE one. Oh you two, so talented!

  9. I like B better but I think A would be good for a beginners project.

    That is how I think - easy is always best :)

    (Although I totally voted for b!)

  10. I voted for B! BBBBBBB!! Beeeeee!!! Looks great! We don't really have a headboard.. just an iron work frame.

  11. i like all of them, so i didn't vote. i know, i'm not helpful. that is a lovely duvet cover, by the way!

  12. @alvina - lol. i knew you'd catch it. that's exactly what sak said! i guess we'll see how functional it turns out >.>"

    @neko - good point about the dust! hadn't thought of that..:p

    @anono - uhhh what have i been reading...offbeat home, young house love, love and renovations (amanda in the comments!), centsational girl, decor hacks, DIY Life, DIY Diva...umm, too many! lol.

  13. I like B, it seems the most balanced.


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