Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY Paint Spray Silhouette Art

Or, one could also call it an artistic take on "Who's that Pokemon".
But really, this project can is fun, quick, and can be done with any image, not just Pokemon! So don't run away just because I used the "P" word. :)

Since Penga-Sis was over, I broke out some paint, foam brushes, and leftover canvas from the wedding.

We printed out some pictures of Pokemon we liked - which was really hard.  A lot of Pokmon have less-than-interesting silhouettes.  For example, my favorite Pokemon (ever! Of all time!) is psyduck.  He's a duck that always has a headache.
But his profile isn't very fun.  Instead, I chose a magikarp, while Penga-Sis went with a charmander.

We cut them out and lightly taped them to the canvas.

The fun part is next - just flick your paint across the canvas!

Cover your image well to ensure a good silhouette!
To flick the paint, grab the plastic part inside the foam brush, pull it back and release!
Once the paint is maybe half-dry, gently pull the paper image off, and let it dry completely.

Since the first set came out well, we tried a second time with bidoof and gengar!

Bidoof was a bad idea on my part. It's silhouette isn't the greatest.

Penga-Sis' gengar - however, turned out fabulous!

Anyway, this was a really fun project! I think I'll eventually hang my two grey ones up in the house someplace.  It's understated enough, right? Not too "in-your-face" otaku? Sak says I have to keep things subtle so we don't scare visitors away.

Which Pokemon do you think has a great silhouette?


  1. A. If I think these are awesome and I don't know squat about this whole otaku thing, you will not scare visitors away.

    B. This is totally awesome. I could see someone doing this with the man/woman silhouette. That would be awesome.

  2. i love the magikarp and charmander silhouettes! so cute.

  3. they look really great all together! i'll have to remember this project!

  4. So, so cute! Framing and hanging them bunched together would be nice, or putting them in one of those collage frames! =)

  5. What a fun project! You are so creative :)

  6. Ha, I thought the Bidoof was a Mareep a first. The rest of them look great though, especially Magikarp.

  7. Dave says to do Voltorb.

    Psyduck is my favorite! I am perpetually cranky with a headache too.

    These are awesome!

  8. How cool is this?!? Very cool :)

  9. thanks for the tips and information..i really appreciate it.. spray paintings


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