Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY Shoji Screen Headboard Part 2

In order to make our own queen-sized shoji screen head board, we cut some wood and gave it a few coats of wood stain.

Next, let's add the 3/8" wood inlay to the frames.

Though notching the small sticks inside would have been the sturdiest and best idea, we chose instead to use a combination of wood glue and super glue hot glue.  Whatever works, right?

Once the inlay was in place, Sak drilled some holes at the top and bottom of each frame and screwed them together.

And here is the finished frame:

Not too shabby!

Next, add some legs to the frame so that it will stand up behind the bed.  We used an arbitrary measurement to get the height we wanted, and screwed the legs to the frame.  In hindsight, I probably should have stained these too, but for now I'll leave them raw.

Now since real shoji paper is really expensive and much too fancy for any possible screw-ups on our part, I used a $3 alternative.  Any guesses?

It's pattern paper - super cheap and thin, yet still with that glorious fibrous look!
I won't feel so bad if I accidentally pop a hole in this stuff.
If you can't find pattern paper, interfacing would also work well - as long as you buy the non-fusible stuff! (The fusible interfacing might melt to whatever it's attached to on a hot day.)

I cut the paper into three segments, and we hot glued it to the backside of our frame.

However, going sideways was a really bad idea and we had a lot of puckering on the paper.  If you use this method, glue top to bottom, vertically!

All done!

The cost?

10 sticks of 3/8" wood (3 feet in length each) @ $0.98 = $9.80
Minwax wood stain = $7.21
28 feet of 3/4" wood @ $0.96/ft = $26.88
2 sticks of 3/4" wood (3 feet in length each) @ $1.50ish = $3.00
2.5 yards of patter paper @ 2.49/yd with a 50% coupon = $3.11

Total: $50

Note, this cost does not include glue, sand paper, screws, or other tools. It also doesn't include Bay Area sales tax, which is really high and sort of depressing. Is it a better deal than a $70 store-bought screen? It's debatable - but hey, mine is custom.

But now, the moment of truth - does it look better than the "before" picture??
I'd like to think so!

Obviously, I made a few other changes to the room which I'll talk about later - but I think the headboard makes a huge difference! We'll see how it stands the test of time, but for now I'm just going to sit and stare and my "grown up bed" for a little bit.


  1. Holy moly!! HUGE difference!! It's gorgeous!! Nice job, Sews, and totally worth it to have something so unique!

  2. Wow, it looks amazing! I would never guess that it was a DIY project. I love your bedding, too. Your room has a very "zen" feel to it now!

  3. You guys are amaziiiiing!!!!! :] It looks AWESOME and exactly like your drawing. SO. GROWN. UP. :-D Now... I'm thinking about our room! GAH :oP

  4. This looks awesome, great job!!

  5. That is absolutely awesome! I really like it - great, custom made, piece!

  6. Amazing transformation! Great job!

  7. What a great job! It looks lovely!

  8. Ahhhhhh! It looks so good. You guys are amazing!

  9. wow it looks awesome! i cannot believe you two just picked up and did this.

  10. wowee! that one change makes such a huge difference!

  11. I really like it and might try it with my new bed! I might do something more asymmetrical with the inlay though.

  12. I have been looking for alternatives to ordering a screen online and I came across your DIY headboard are so very talented, I would love to try this myself!

  13. More glowing praise and thanks for posting this for those of us who love the torture of doing it ourselves :-)

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