Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dusty Miller

Being upfront and honest - I am no green thumb.  I've even been known to kill those little bamboo plants that just sit in water all day.

We actually wanted a house with as little growth as possible, but instead fell in love with a home with a fully landscaped yard. Just my luck.

So when the little white plants in the front of the house suddenly sprang up several feet and started blooming - I took it as my queue to figure out just what was going on outside the walls of our house.
The white ones were less than 6" when we moved in!
After a bit of browsing online, I'm guessing it's some form of Dusty Miller plant. But most say they are only supposed to be 12 inches high, so I'm at a loss.

In any case, I decided to trim them down before the neighbors start complaining.

After.  Should I trim the other white plant as well? I'm not sure what kind it is.
I left some of the yellow flowers alone, since there was a little friend nearby that was interested in them.

But here's hoping I didn't kill all the Dusty's with my chop-chop action. Time will tell.

What's your method of identifying a plant?


  1. Haha! I have the blackest of black thumbs. Luckily, the hubs knows his way around plants and manages to keep the most beautiful orchids alive and kicking in our apartment. One of the assistants at my work used to be a florist, so if I ever need to know what something is I snap a picture and bring it in for her to look at!

  2. I'm terrible at identifying plants and have yet to actually have one survive, but hopefully that will change soon because I totally want a garden in our new house! I love dusty miller, and I think it looks great now that you've trimmed it down!

  3. oh my gosh i would have no idea what to do with a yard. but i suppose once as you have one you "grow" into it? haha i slay me. no, i don't. but i bet you anything that in a few months you're going to be a gardener extraordinaire!

  4. I think the Dustys will be fine! There are some plants that you can cut down to the ground in the winter and they still pop up. =) (Not that I have a green thumb myself.) I say keep the white flowers, they're cute! Beautiful landscaping!

  5. I just reread your post and I finally figured out what Dusty Miller is! To me, those before and afters looked exactly the same. I have a black death thumb I guess.

  6. Hmmmm.. I know NOTHING about gardening. But I think they look so cute all trimmed!


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