Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Green Walnuts

There's still a considerable amount of drying going on with our latest project, so I'd like to share something exciting going on in our backyard!

Our walnut tree is growing!
Baby walnuts!

I'm really excited - we'll have to learn how to dry them for eating when they ripen and fall off! Though it's been so windy lately that some are falling off immaturely!
Poor little guy, never had a chance.
Way to do the yardwork, Sak.
Do you have something edible growing in the yard? I'm glad that this tree doesn't require much in the way of daily care - we'd never manage otherwise!


  1. Oh man, the house where I grew up had a walnut tree. Word of advice? They fall off in the fall and they will destroy your lawn mower - so sweep the yard for them before you mow in the fall!

  2. I didn't realize you had so much land! What a beautiful yard! And look, real grass!

  3. BIG TREE!

    Big yard for the Bay, yo!

  4. beautiful tree and yard--we need a detailed tour, please!

  5. Wow, you do have a sizable yard! Lucky girl :) It's safe to say that we have nothing growing in the concrete around our apartment, though my husband is an orchid aficionado. We have four growing in our kitchen right now!

  6. I've heard lemon trees grow pretty well out there, so maybe we'll try one of those if we end up in a place with a small garden.

  7. Beautiful tree!! (I miss the leafy trees in CA!) We just recently planted some basil and cilantro seedlings, plus rosemary and jalapeno in the backyard, and they seem to be doing great on the drip irrigation, despite the wind here. And technically, hibiscuses are edible, but we just give the dead flowers to our tortoise. =)

    @Melinda: My dad lives in San Jose and has a huge lemon tree -- it's been there longer than I've been alive! Citrus plants do great there (and surprisingly, here in AZ, too).

  8. Your backyard is SO nice! And you have a HAMMOCK! Awesome! Enjoy your walnuts ;)

  9. Nice yard!

    I have a lot of plants. I love to cook. And having a garden really saves $.

    I'm trying to grow kabocha this year. I saved seeds from the last one I bought, dried it and planted it. It's growing, we'll see if I can get some nice sized ones.

    The easiest to care for and harvest are rosemary, thyme, green beans, squash, cucumbers, hot peppers, shiso, and tomatoes.

    I decided to never grow cilantro and eggplant again, they are aphid magnets.

    I have an orange tree and Kaffir lime tree. I have over dozen of oranges growing, no idea how they will taste - first year my tree produced fruit.


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