Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House Drawing

Ages ago, I felt like drawing a house, so I asked for some home pictures.

The lovely ashinwi of Ashley & Tim in Wisconsin answered the call and sent me a few photos of her lovely home.

Never having drawn a home before, I thought that straight and to-the-point would be too bland, and instead tried to do some uh, bending?

Note: This, obviously, does not do her house an ounce of justice. Maybe not even half an ounce.

Anyway, I sat on this one for a long time because I wasn't sure what to do with it.  But then! Then ashinwi posted this of her very cute dogs, and I got one of those weird ideas!

Ashinwi - I apologize for being super lame and late! Hopefully your house on your dog's head isn't too weird! Thank you for letting me experiment!

Anyway, I think I'll stick to my guns and stay away from architecture drawings. I don't think anyone would hire me with such a questionable sense of scale and proportion.


  1. I love it! Puppies make everything better :)

  2. OMG LOVE IT!!!!


    I am speechless with adoration and love. Both drawings make me super happy! Wow, you've completely brightened my day! (Let me overuse exclamation points some more...!!!!)

    !!! (More coherent words later?)

    You have a gift.

  3. Omg, both are super cute!! I like the clean-lines-but-bendy thing you have going on. It's like left- and right-brained together! (Adorable puppies, Ashinwi!)

  4. You can draw photos of Tebow anytime you'd like. I can send you thousands. Heck, I can send him on an airplane to visit you.

  5. oh puppy. my heart squelches with cuteness.


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