Tuesday, June 21, 2011

San Mateo County Fair 2011

One thing I love about summer is the county fair. I don't play the games or ride the rides - but I do eat the food.

That's reason enough to go to the fair, right?
Though, I totally would have "rode" this. How awesome are floating hamster balls in water?!
After work, we headed over to the San Mateo fairgrounds for a few hours.  Penga-Sis tagged along as well, while her ride, Penga-Bro, stayed at the house to do some homework.
First we checked out the concert.  San Mateo is well known for booking good acts for the fair, and they are all free with fair admission. The hands-down best was getting to see Weird Al a few years ago.  The man is pure genius, and ending with the never-ending Albuquerque song is something I won't forget anytime soon.

Anyway, this particular day was Tower of Power.  We stayed for a few songs, but a slightly intoxicated guy next to us decided his dancing was a bit too hot for the room and was removing his clothing. Time to go!

We checked out the youth arts exhibits, where Penga-Sis, on more than one occasion, looked at the blue ribbon winners and said, "I can do that". Good. You probably can, now go do it! That's the start of the DIY fever, after all. Maybe next year she can enter her own county fair.
These "BBQ" cupcakes were awesome!
Then! Then we found the animals. My favorite part of the fair, after the food - of course.  The bunnies, every breed imaginable, were utterly adorable. Penga-Sis and I were cooing and gooing over each and every cage - from the monster-truck sized bunnies to the itty-bitty dwarfs.
This guy was my favorite! So squishy and cute!
Sak, on the other hand, was busy doing his Arrested Development dances over by the chicken cages.  Far removed from us, thank goodness.
Prize winner.
And next, the reason I came to the fair in the first place, we ate a funnel cake! Funnel cakes are just fried swirls of happy memories for me. You just can't eat one without smiling the whole time.
Wandering over to the flower/plant submissions next, I never knew there was a category for Ikebana! So cool.

Purple garlic and artichokes! 
And there was a special contest for crafts made from recycled materials.  This one is amazing, and I want one, only with Pop-tart bags.

After flowers, Penga-Sis and I found our central coast soul-food: fried artichokes.

Needless to say, I got sick from all the fried food that night, but it was still worth it!

Lastly, we found the art hall, where there was a special exhibit for Alcatraz going on.  I've been to Alcatraz twice - it's awesome, even if it is for tourists. When Penga-Sis stops being a chicken, I'll take her to visit someday too.

Glum, because someone thought the toilet was real and left a surprise.
Though I would have liked a bit more time at the fair (we had work the next day), it was worth going on a weekday since it wasn't so crowded. 

Did you, or will you attend your county fair this year?  What's your favorite fair-staple?


  1. I never, ever go to the fairs and growing up they were my favorite. I'm jealous. Glad you had fun though!

  2. I live quite close to the Pima County Fairgrounds, but the admission and crowds are absolutely ridiculous, and it's just a bunch of expensive nausea-inducing rides and equally expensive carnival games. There's an animal area, but our fair is in mid- to late-April in Southern Arizona, after all, so they don't look too happy. Your fair looks AMAZING!!!! We never went to fairs when we were growing up in the Bay Area. =( Totally missed out.

  3. Our state fair is a pretty big deal, but it's so expensive! At least to me when I want to ride some rides and eat the fair food hehe.

  4. that looks like so much fun! i bet your sister could totally win the blue ribbon. i love that big poof of a grey rabbit. please tell me you were joking about the toilet.

  5. Love the San Mateo County Fair! We went last year to check out all the animals. And eat funnel cake. They also had a table setting competition last year :) Looks like you had a great time :)

  6. Eating funnel cake at the fair is definitely a must!

  7. Bunnies! Funnel cake! Fried stuff! So much fun :)

  8. Aww country fairs are so fun!! One year I got free tickets to the San Mateo one with my second favoritest artist (Brad Paisley - before he got all super famous) but I couldn't gooooo! (Family vacation, I think)

    Hehe did you just call the bunny squishy? :]

  9. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the bunnies :)

    I love fairs. I really want to take Dave to one but I don't think San Francisco has county fairs. Funnel cake!!!!!!!!!


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