Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strawberry Card

Last Easter our church small group came up with a service project to involve their families and friends.

Since the project is coming up soon, I made a small flyer for everyone to email or give to their friends. And since you all are my friends, I can share with you too!

I'm still not so sure about the wording, it's not very clever or fun.  But I am excited about the little berries! I tried a new technique to make them look like they were "cut and pasted" on like a scrapbook.
It's basically a shape, with a pattern on top, and then a small shadow on the side. Simple and cute!
I don't know if you'd ever have the need for some weird strawberries, but feel free to snag these little guys if you want!


  1. I threw a strawberry style party this past January (when our strawberry season starts) and I could have totally used these!! So cute

  2. "Berry" cute - har har har! But seriously, these are adorable!

  3. SOOO CUTE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the cut out 3D-ness that is really just a shadow. :-D

    I will steal it! Because they look like hearts in a bowl. :-D


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