Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Down in Sak's pink man-cave, there's a little bar. Which of course meant that we probably needed some barstools.

I looked through IKEA, Target and Ross, and wasn't too interested in any of their stools. I wanted something that could spin (who doesn't love to spin in a chair?), and something with a back (so that we won't fall off while spinning, of course). Stools like that seemed to be in short supply, so I gave up on the new stuff and decided I'd just wait for the perfect thrift store find.

And wait and wait and wait. Penga-Mom, tired of waiting, found chairs like these at her local Goodwill for $16/piece.  They aren't bad - they have a back and they spin. 

But of course, we went thrifting together the day she met up with me to give me the chairs.

And I fell in love with completely different barstools.

Retro-rocket looking things of white vinyl and shiny silver, there's no way I could say no.  So I bought them at $22/chair.  Except, it happened to be 15% furniture day at Salvation Army, so they were only $18/chair. Whoo!

Penga-Mom's previous chairs went to my brother, since it matched one he already had.

Though I'm still drooling over this find - they definitely aren't in perfect condition.

Several of the screws are missing, possibly due to stripped holes?

A little elbow grease cleaning and new screw magic, and they're looking mighty fine in my opinion. Comfy too!

And in the man-cave:

I dig it. Now bring the lady a sundae.
Don't worry, I've ditched the old-lady lace runner per Sak's insistence.


  1. Oh my gosh, I almost gasped when I saw those - I LOVE THEM! What a great find!

  2. SERVE ME A DRINK, WOMAN! They're super cute and actually match the bar (and room) really well!! I think your haircut just made you look like 5 years younger. ;]

  3. Love those and I think they match so well!

    And I'm starting to wonder about your former owners. WTF is up with that room? And your hidden rooms. Someone was a bit crazy. And you get to enjoy it!

  4. Those stools are really cute! I'll take a root beer float ;)

  5. You are so cute! I am digging the new hair, btw.. :) I need to go thrifting, BAD!


  6. Love them!! What a fabulous steal--makes me wish we hadn't gotten boring new ones from BB&B.


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