Monday, July 18, 2011

Canada Love

So a while ago wedding-blog buddy Tamar emailed me with a request for some art.  Her friends in Toronto were getting married, and were both into comics, so of course I was all over that!

Tamar was so sweet in giving me free-reign to do basically, uh - whatever the heck I wanted, so it was a really fun project!

Anyway, Tamar was nice enough to send me a box full of Canadian goodies in return! Nothing makes a Penga happy like a box full of edibles. Especially Canada-specialty edibles like ketchup chips and Coffee Crisp and other things I've never had before! So exciting!

But this - this takes the cake:

So ridiculously cute!!! (Thanks again, Tamar!)

Anyway, I think Sak and I will have to visit Canada someday. They have good snacks, so I'm finding out.  I've been to Vancouver once as a child, but all I really remember from that trip is the killer whale that started my killer whale phobia. Not a great memory to have.  So next time I think maybe Toronto or a different, non-killer whale city will be the choice.

Have you been to Canada?

P.S. I am 100% totally bribe-able with food and cute things in case that's not clear. Lol.


  1. So you're saying all those times that I see something cute and think "Penga would LOVE this" I really should be buying it in order to bribe you?

    Done & Done.

  2. Canada is fun! There's a CASTLE in Toronto too!! :-D And the famous Chinese mall. LOL.

  3. what a nice exchange of cute gifts!

  4. The canned beaver is way too cute!


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